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Australia Partner Visa Delayed Over 210,000 Applications Still Remaining in Backlog

Thu, Oct 24 2019

Australia Partner Visa Delayed Over 210,000 Applications Still Remaining in Backlog

The latest request has been made by Shadow Minister of Immigration and Citizenship exposed a gaping hole within partner visa processing, with having backlog of total on hand applications rises from 161,060 at the end of June 2014 to 213,790 at the end of June 2019, which is noticed that there is increase of 28.13% over the past 5 years. Those applicants who show their interest in Australia’s immigration, the number of on-hand applications is evident for them.

Australia Partner visa are considered for spouses or de facto partners (Non-citizen migrating children) for citizens of Australia, Australian permanent residents, and citizens who are eligible for New Zealand. 6 subclasses fall under the partner visa umbrella that is given as follows:

  • Prospective Marriage visa – Subclass 300;
  • Partner (Provisional) visa – Subclass 309;
  • Partner (Migration) visa – Subclass 100;
  • Partner (Temporary) visa – Subclass 820;
  • Partner (Residence) visa – Subclass 801;
  • Dependent Child visa – Subclass 445; 

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Above are exceptional stars in the collection of Australia visas via partner visas, here as 100, 309, 801, and 820 subclasses, for two-stage processing implies an application for provisional visa is also an application for the permanent visa. The noticeable double-up of visa subclasses is just because of an offshore and onshore partner visa which will be decided by where the applicant visa is at the time for applying, and consequently whether there is granted a bridging visa. It is perhaps common for referring to provisional and equivalent permanent partner visas, which means the onshore Subclass 820 or 801- Partner visa and the offshore Subclass 309/100-Partner visa. 

Subclass 300- This subclass is regarded for Prospective Marriage visa, which is a temporary visa for fiancées who want to marry their citizen of Australia, Australian permanent resident or qualified New Zealand citizen sponsor within the country Australia, after which the applicants will expect to lodge an onshore 820/801 partner visa.

Subclass 445- This is for Dependent child visas which considered as a special visa for dependent children of 820 or 309 partner visa holders (or even 445 visa holders) who have not had their permanent 801 or 100 visa application determined. It is a temporary visa to come into Australia unless their parent’s visa ceases. 

The adverse tale has said in the request is of ever-rising with a backlog of processing. The processing times for temporary onshore 820 partner’s visa ha greater than doubled from 372 calendar days in the year 2010-11 up to 784 calendar days in the year 2018-19 for 90% of these applications to be finalized. This is as notable about the integration of the partner visa program of Australia with the two-year wait out period.

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