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Australia Parent Visa Hope Smashes- Sponsors Need to Earn More

Mon, Apr 30 2018

Australia Parent Visa Hope Smashes- Sponsors Need to Earn More

With the increase in the financial requirements for visa applications, both parents overseas and their children in Australia are in constant fear of not fulfilling the Australian government new requirements for Australia Parent visa category.

Around 30,000 applicants who were already in queue before April 1st, 2018 will be affected by the change in policy of their earning from $45,185 to $86,606 for supporting their parent sponsorship.

The home Affairs department said the number of people in the queue is “not publically available”, but the department’s own calculator suggests there are at least 30,000.

The most commonly granted parent visa (contributory 143), the wait is around two or three years. For the much more restrictive non-contributory parent visa (103), the waiting list is of 30 years.

The cases are assessed by the Department of Home Affairs.

One of the last step is to send ‘Assurance of Support’ (AOC) paperwork to Centrelink. The AOC requires the child who is sponsoring the parentsto demonstrate their ability to support parents by having a hefty bank balance.

The child must guarantee that they will pay for any social security their parents need during first 10 years of stay in Australia.

Social Service Minister Dan Tehan said the changes “will not be applied retrospectively” and the AOS forms lodged with Centrelink before 1 April will be assessed under the old rules.

This new rule will be applicable to those who have not submitted their AOS paperwork and have been waiting for their case to be vetted by The Department of Home Affairs.

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