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Australia New Parent Visa Has Unreasonable Requirement

Fri, Jul 26 2019

Australia New Parent Visa Has Unreasonable Requirement

Parents of migrants visiting Australia holding the new reunion visa have to notify the authorities before changing their personal and contact details.

The parents of permanent residents or Australian citizens visiting Australia on the newly introduced parent visa risk being deported if they fail to notify authorities at least two days before any changes are done to their personal information and contact details inclusive of “online profiles and usernames.”

The Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa condition changes are said to be “harsh” and “unreasonable” because the parents are required to inform the Department of Home Affairs “not less than two working days before the change is to occur” to their name, address, phone number, email, online profile and user name.

“In certain situations, it would be humanly impossible to inform the department about some of these changes before they are actually made,” says one of the migrant that lodged a parent visa application.

Those breaching this condition could receive a notice of intention to cancel their visa from the department.

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While the Department of Home Affairs says this doesn’t include Instagram or other social media accounts, the relevant regulations state otherwise.

The new Australia parent visa has been made available from 1st July 2019 after promising in 2016 for the federal election by the coalition.

“Our Government should be creating a welcoming experience for families reuniting and not impose such harsh penalties such as deportation as a result of some minor administrative oversight, especially for elderly parents,” the immigration expert told ABC.

She further added that there are many parents who are not tech-savvy and don’t regularly use digital and online platforms even if they have created the usernames and logins. Many a times, they create new password, here the question is how they notify the department before they create a new one.

“As Temporary Sponsored Parent Visas are granted with up to five year’s validity, it is expected that visa holder’s personal details may change over this time,” the spokesperson said.

The new parent visa are fixed at 15,000 numbers each year that allows parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents a continuous stay of up to five years in the country. The cost of visa is $10,000 and is renewable once.

To sponsor the parents, the sponsoring children need to be earning at least $83,454.

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