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Australia Needs to improve infrastructure, not shrink immigration

Fri, Jun 15 2018

Australia Needs to improve infrastructure, not shrink immigration

The Australian cities are under real pressure because of the scarce infrastructure coming as a roadblock due to increasing population growth. The reduction in immigration will not offer any solution and the Australian government should focus on improving infrastructure.

Tony Abbott who proclaimed to be the infrastructure Prime Minister declined the spending on infrastructure by 17%. During his tenure, his government also reduced the spending on education and health. The same path is being followed by the Turnbull’s government, as quoted by the Red fag Org Au.

The debate that immigration is resulting in increase in the prices of houses is not believable because 7 out of 10 immigrants coming to Australia either live on rent or with friends/family. Nonetheless the record growth of population in Sydney and Melbourne has led to housing prices decline since very long time.

The main issue lies in burn and slash policies of 1990s Kennett era that led to large credit expansion. Along with this, the policies are favourable to the investors. Additionally, the direct contribution of the national and state governments in Australia to public housing has also decreased.

Therefore, the whole blame of choked Australia cannot be put into immigration. As always, immigrants are just the scapegoats.

The issue can be resolved by the mass public investment and social planning. The government needs to tax the well-off and spend lumpsum amount on public transport and housing.

Australia thus, continues to be the most favourite immigration destination. Connect to our team of experts to know about your chances off immigration to Australia. Fill the free assessment form for further evaluation. Call at 7503832132.

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