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Australia may Change its Regional Skilled Visas

Mon, May 21 2018

Australia may Change its Regional Skilled Visas

The Australian government is planning to do changes in Regional Skilled Visas. This will mandate that the immigrants reside in rural regions for a fixed period of time. Although, the government is yet to take any decision in this regard. Further, the government is also planning to offer incentives to the immigrants who decide to stay in the regional areas.

The Families Assistant Minister, David Gillespie was extremely disappointed and saddened for the regional firms who sponsor the immigrants and they in turn shift to other cities. Mohammad Al Khafaji, Chief Executive of Welcome to Australia said that the proposal details must be examined. He further said that confining the free movement is not an answer to the solution. 

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Khafaji emphasised on the matter to look beyond as to why immigrants are not staying in the regions. The focus must be on examining the overall scenario as to why people, in general, do not remain in the regions, he added.

CEO elaborated that any curtail will not change the current situation for alterations in the circumstances of the immigrants. Imposing limit is not what Australia is known for. He further added, “What are the consequences if the immigrants do not remain with the firm that sponsored them owing to work violations?”

He suggested that incentives must be provided to all those applicants who settle in the regional areas. This must be universally applicable to all who relocate to the region and not just only immigrants.

David Radford, Sociology Lecturer at the University of South Australia said that there are several issues which may result in shifting places by the immigrants. In order to retain immigrant at a particular regional area, they must have a feeling of belongingness for the area in which they are residing in.

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