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‘Australia is my home’, says Illegal Indian Migrant

Wed, Jul 17 2019

 ‘Australia is my home’, says Illegal Indian Migrant

Australian Immigration department is strict with its immigration laws and rules so much so that they will straight away deport a person who is found violating Australia PR laws. However, situations can sometimes go over when a person under no circumstances refuses to go back to his home country.

An illegal immigrant from India is living and working in Australia without visa since 2011. He considers himself as an Australian and refuses to leave the country because he has “done nothing wrong.” In an interview with SBS Punjabi, Mr. Kumar complains that he is living in a fear of being caught and deported. He does odd jobs to survive in the country, and mostly, eat only once. He further adds, “It’s like, once a week or two days a week that I get some work and make $100 or $200 and I’m able to buy food, if not I sleep without eating. But many times despite doing the job, I am not paid and there’s nothing I can do about it, I can’t go to the police. So, it’s damn tough.”

“I am constantly cautious whenever I step out on the streets and see any police officer or government authority. Despite having lived here for so long and regardless of what happened to me, If I get caught, I will be deported in no time, says Mr. Kumar.

Mr. Kumar was asked to leave the country four years ago but he is still residing in Australia. He was refused an extension to his student visa in 2011, then married an Australian citizen in 2013 and was told back to go back to India and apply for Australia Partner Visa. He said that wasn’t able to apply because his wife needed ongoing medical support. By the time, his visa refusal came before the Migration Review Tribunal, he claims his wife become violent towards him.

Mr. Kumar genuinely wants to live and work in Australia but sometimes feels that he has been “wronged by the system.” “I am in this situation because I spoke about against my partner for subjecting me to family violence”. He believes that had he not said anything against, no such problem would have arisen.

He is still confident and hopeful of things becoming bloomy for him. Australia is a wonderful country to live and reside on permanent basis and Mr. Kumar definitely abides by.

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