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Australia is in Favor of Mass Migration

Tue, Apr 24 2018

Australia is in Favor of Mass Migration

Australia is in favor of the Mass Immigration and thus has rejected the populist’s demands to ease the levels of immigration. The announcement was made by the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbul.

The high number of immigration intake has powered Australia as the fastest expanding population amongst the developed nations. The pro-immigration has been boosted by the report of the Treasury ‘Shaping A Nation’.

The report states the elaboration of adding 190,000 immigrants focusing primarily on skilled migrants has increased the growth of the economy. This has also reduced the impact of aging population. It has also resulted in overall demand through investment and consumption.

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The statistics are taken from the Bureau of Statistics Australia. Also, the debates related to immigration has become quire loud in the recent months. The mostly likely concern is that of high levels of population growth may enhance current pressure on infrastructure.

Further, Bloomberg quoted that the increasing levels of immigration can also enhance burden on environment and accommodation. The increase in number of population can also lead to the excessive waste production and congestion. This is all due to the absenteeism of steady actions for innovative solutions. 

The ‘Shaping A Nation’ report is definitely a stimulus for debate. It can also highlight the issue of immigration in the national elections which are most probably scheduled for the first half of 2019. 

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