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Australia Invitation Round cut-off for Software and Application Programmers

Thu, Feb 07 2019

Australia Invitation Round cut-off for Software and Application Programmers

Software and Application Programmers (2613) is a pro-rata occupation listed in Australia Occupational demand list. This means that Software and Application Programmers applications and large in number and limited spaces in the labour market. Thus, pro rata occupations have generally high immigration point score.

Let us look at the last four invitation cut-off for this highly in-demand occupation Software and Application Programmers (2613)

  1. 11TH October 2018 invitation conducted on 70 points

The invitation round result invited Software and Application Programmers at 70 points. Total 1011 invites were given out of which 635 visas were lodged and rest 376 visas were wasted. The applicants who have submitted their profile from 21/09/2017 up to 17/01/2018 at 70 points were given ITAs. The wasted EOIs went back into the EOI system in 60 days for the December round.

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  1. 11TH November 2018 invitation conducted on 70 points

Not much was changed in the November invitation round results where the applicants with 70 points and above were invited. A total of 1011 invites were given in this current invitation round results to the applicants whose profile was between 17/01/2018 to 06/04/2018. It is also speculated that around 700 visas were lodged and 311 were wasted. The wasted EOIs are expected to go back in the EOI pool within 60 days for January round.


  1. 11TH December 2018 invitation conducted on 70 points

The December invitation round results invited applicants with 70 points and moved the invite date back 12 months to 01/04/2017. A total of 581 invites were given in this invitation round. This might be the oldest 70 pointer in the skill select system. Around 300 were expected to be wasted in December.

  1. 11TH January 2019 invitations conducted on 70 points

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The current invitation round results invited applicants with 70 points who have submitted their profiles between 23/01/2018 to 06/04/2018 for Australia Permanent Residency. The DIBP would first give invitations that were wasted in November and now have been invited in the January round for the second time. A total of 581 invitations are expected to be given in this round.

Therefore, what we analyze from the invitation round results for Software Programmer is the department is regularly filling the wasted places as well. They are again and again inviting applicants with 70 points to cover the lost places.

A point based immigration system is followed inviting migrants to come and work in the country on permanent basis. The higher are your immigration points, the better are your Australia PR chances.

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