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Australia Increases Financial Requirements for Fresh Migrants’ Families

Mon, Apr 16 2018
Australia Increases Financial Requirements for Fresh Migrants’ Families

The Australian government has increased the financial requirements for visa applications of fresh migrant families. The important changes have been affected by the scheme assurance of support. It is a program aimed at ensuring that the families coming to Australia has adequate money to support their initial stay in Australia.

Some of the Australian visa categories command to have a guarantor. This is applicable to parent, adult dependent, contributing parent and rest of the relatives. Whereas this condition is not compulsory for other visa categories, as per the Department of Home Affairs.

The government of Australia recently altered the money that must be earned by the assurer. In most of the cases, the new family’s migrant will have to earn twice of what was mandated earlier, as quoted by the Guardian.

From now onwards, a couple in Australia acting as a fiscal supporters of their parents will need to earn 115,475$ together in a year as compared to 45,185$ earlier. An individual will now have to earn 86,606$ in lieu of 45,185$

The changes to fiscal requirements will be through a bank guarantee and applicable to specific visas only from April 2019.

The Australian government also proposes to launch a 1 year assurance recruitment through the program community sponsorship to support certain percentage of humanitarian intakes.

The immigrants from china have already complained to Labor party because of the changes being implemented without any public announcement. The Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia Federation said that they are concerned about the changes. 

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