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Australia Immigration Transforms in 2018!

Mon, Jan 22 2018

Australia Immigration Transforms in 2018!

There will be a complete makeover of Australia Immigration in 2018. A lot of changes are in the pipeline for the Australia Immigration, ranging from the replacement of 457 visas with TSS Visas, changes in Skilled Occupation List, Mandatory Provisional Visa for PR to changes in partner visa, the changes will be fundamental. 457 Visas will be replaced by Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (TSS).

TSS will consist of 2 streams- short term stream will allow the candidate to stay for 2 years and will be renewable only once whereas, Medium term stream will allow the candidate to stay for 4 years. STSOL List of occupations will be considered for the STS applicants. Also, the list of occupations for provisional and STS visas will be changed.

Occupations like Building Associate, Recruitment Consultant, Beauty Salon Manager, and Accommodation and Hospitality manager will be out from the current list making the way for Real Estate Representative, Real Estate Agent, Property Manager, and University Tutor to be added in the new STSOL list. Apart from these occupations, many other will also be removed and added.

Not only this, government of Australia is also working on a plan to launch Mandatory Provisional Visa for Australia PR applicants. Now, an applicant has to stay for a minimum required time in the country to obtain PR.

Apart from the changes in TSS, the Australian government is also planning to extend the permit of parents to reside in Australia under Provisional Sponsored Parent Visa. However, its approval is pending in the senate.

The changes in Partner Visa are also pending in the senate. Once the bill is enacted, it will set the framework for sponsoring partner visas, focusing more on sponsor’s assessment.

Therefore, all these changes in the immigration process of Australia will be foundational in stepping in the right direction.

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