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Australia Immigration Population Debate: Is It Worth?

Thu, Sep 06 2018

Australia Immigration Population Debate: Is It Worth?

According to the government’s statistics bureau, the population of Australia reached 25 million in early August.

The migration began to expand after white Australia was abolished in the 1970s, with the coming up of refugees from Vietnam and Lebanon. Koreans too established a beachhead by jumping tourist visas and seeking asylum after the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre.

The Australian immigration scene was full with migrants flocking to Australia as international skilled workers, overseas students and information technology specialists.

The Australian state ‘Canberra’ also boosts population growth by overseas influence and addresses the “population or perish” warnings of earlier statesmen who were worrying about the protection of Australian shores by friendly naval powers.

The supporters of immigration are now facing criticism because of increasing population growth. In early 2002, the Australian government predicted population to reach 25 million marks in 2042 but the early marking level of population has concerned the environmentalists.

The population in Sydney (5.1 million) and Melbourne (4.8 million) are the highest population states in Australia where about 87% of new migrants settle.

The increase in population is resulting in congested traffic, crowded trains and growing property price, this scheme is labeled as “Ponzi scheme”. If we flip the coin, the immigration is also helping the economy to grow by paying taxes and the size of the economy can only be maintained by continued immigration.

There are different views of migration in Australian government. The recent being, Liberal/National party government smashing the quota of permanent migration from 190,000 a year to 162,000

The citizenship period has also been changed and the government has also proposed plans to toughen the English language ability test and Australian values compatibility test.

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