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A New Regulation in Australia Immigration Policies Hardens the slip away

Sat, Jan 06 2018

A New Regulation in Australia Immigration Policies Hardens the slip away

A new danger is on its way for those seeking migration to Australia. From 18th November, The Migration Legislation Amendment (2017 Measures No 4) will be in effect. The regulation is believed to increase the number of rejected case for Australia PR in the coming years. It may also be the possibility, that candidates remains in EOI pool for a longer duration of time.

Earlier, on provision of any misleading or false information, Australia immigration authority sends for direct rejections. Now, there will be huge penalties for those trying to mischief with the immigration procedures.

The candidate guilty of providing false account of information will now be banned to apply to any Australia visa for a period of 10 whole years. The current ban is for 3 years.

The decision is going to harm the family applicants of refugees at its maximum as the proofs and documents that are usually inconsistence or disordered. To add to the fire, the decision is also said to be retrospective.

One of the drawback could be identification by just the ‘name’. There can be cases where person concerned has middle names involved, or someone who has changed the name after getting married.

The decision has been further predicted to worsen the conditions of refuges even on health basis.

After years of torture and suffering, Australia’s temporary protection visas is like a healing beam to them. But by introduction of the regulation, the situation might add to their misery. 

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