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Australia Government 2018 Budget: Surplus plan for Higher Immigration

Thu, May 10 2018

Australia Government 2018 Budget: Surplus plan for Higher Immigration

The Australia 2018 budget plans is surplus for higher immigration which comes as no astonishment. Oz has been relaying on one of the highest growth rates for population midst the developed nations for maintaining the country’s economic growth.

The Australian budget for 2018 forecasts an economic growth of 3 percent for the next 4 years which looks conceivable, they rely on the population growth which is increasing at around 1.5 percent per year.

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The population change is an important ‘factor’ for the nation’s finances, but former Treasury official and Industry Super Chief economist Stephen Anthony calculated this from other figures mentioned in the budget.

The logic behind this is simple Math: the growth of productivity is estimated to be around 1.6 percent that is 30 years average. This is a big bounce, provided it is already growing up well under half rate. Along with the labor force participation, the rate is expected to be stable on this year’s level. The 3 percent forecast will be filled up by the growing population.

The current birth rates in Australia is a clear indication that the majority of the proposed growth would need to come from the continuing Australia’s current high immigration intake.

The government is banking upon the revenue and GDP growth rate and assumes that almost all of the new immigrants arriving in Australia will find a job in a short span of time, reflecting the steady decline in the rate of unemployment as per the budget forecast.

Also, the government has effectively integrated high immigration in its budget forecast, attempting to hold actual spending growth to 1.6 percent per year.

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