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Australia Employment Sector Requires Overseas Skilled Workers 2019

Mon, Jul 01 2019

Australia Employment Sector Requires Overseas Skilled Workers 2019

Australia is setting up a number of rail and infrastructure projects around the country. After the completion, the commuting will be much easier for passengers in Australia. However, the Building and Construction Industry is struggling with a massive labour shortage and are getting tough times in filling up the job vacancies to get these projects completed.

Australia is in urgent requirement of electricians and talented engineers in this industry. Building contractors are facing difficulty in finding the workers to connect the signaling to the new train lines.

As per the 2018 data from Seek, electricians were the most sought-after professionals in Australia in 2018. Electricians have the highest demand in the state of Victoria because there are number of current and projected infrastructure in the state. With the large number of projects running, there is a huge demand for electricians with industrial and specialized experience.

What are the eligibility criteria for Victoria state Nomination program?

Sebastian Fleury, Regional Head of Rail Project Delivery of Aecom, said that he could double his workforce provided he found skilled people to fill in the vacancies. Aecom currently has 40-50 open jobs available in the civil, structure and geo-technical jobs.

With so many infrastructure projects, companies are competing with each other to attract and retain skilled workers.

‘Pathways’ is an industry first program in Melbourne that helps skilled engineers from marginalized backgrounds employed in the construction industry. These engineers come from displaced industries or are refugees.

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