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Australia Contributory Parent Visa Important Points To Consider!

Sat, Aug 24 2019

Australia Contributory Parent Visa Important Points To Consider!

Australia Contributory Parent Visa 143 and 173 are often termed as the best Australian visa to sponsor parents. This visa allows parents to come and stay with their children for short-time period. So, if your parents express their willingness to stay for at least 2 years, apply for the Australia visa contributory parent visa subclass 173.

There are handfuls of formalities that must be accomplished prior to the issuance of visas. The basic requirement for Australia Contributory visa is that the sponsor must be either Australian Citizen or permanent resident holder or an eligible New Zealand citizen.

Here is the lowdown of Australia Contributory Parent Visa that you must consider applying for temporary resident visas.

  • There is no fixed timeline for issuing Contributory Parent Visa

An applicant is allowed to sponsor his parents and there is no timeline or waiting period fixed to bring one of his parents permanently. The time period is faster and less compared to general visas extending up to period of 10 years and more

  • Comparatively less fees and no refusal rates

It is an added advantage for a sponsor because he does not need to wait for 30 years unlike other visas to be taken on a visa application. Also, there are less refusal rates for contributory parent visas as compared to other parent visas.

Know more about Australia Parent Visa

  • Healthcare benefits

Whether temporary visas such as 173 or permanent contributory visa 143, parents of an applicant benefit more. The potential migrants are granted the Medicare plan as soon as they are granted a visa

  • Allowed to work and study

As a parent, this visa category allows you to work and study in Australia. Whatever the duration of your visa category is you can travel to and from the island nation

  • Expensive to apply in multiple stages

The Contributory parent visa category allows an applicant to pay in single stage for a single parent. Compared to two stages where you pay more including temporary and permanent fees, single stage asks for less fee payment

  • Apply for contributory visa onshore

An applicant can be in Australia or outside the country to apply his contributory parent (Temporary) (subclass 173) application. Though, the candidate must not be in Australia for a visa grant. He will not be eligible to obtain a bridging visa to remain lawfully in Australia while his Contributory Parent (Temporary) (Subclass 173) visa is being processed.

  • Sponsor must meet income requirement

The children of applicant must be able to support them financially when in Australia.

  • Provide proofs between applicant and organization

The sponsor of an applicant must be at least 18 years and above to invite parents for this visa subclass. Provide the documentation proofs of your relationship with the parents.

  • Pension and Social Security payment

This visa category does not entitled parents to receive age pension and social security payment on automatic basis. The parents must wait for two years to avail social security benefits.

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