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An Initiative to Increase Francophone Immigrants Outside Boundaries of Quebec Province

Mon, Mar 05 2018
An Initiative to Increase Francophone Immigrants Outside Boundaries of Quebec Province

Action plan with an aim to unite Canada’s federal, provincial and territorial governments, has been made ready to execute. This is to increase the population of French-speaking immigrants outside the province of Quebec.

Quebec is known as the bi-lingual province of Canada with more French-speaking immigrants settling there.

Therefore, a joint plan was unveiled on 2nd of March, to increase francophone immigration in areas outside of Quebec in Canada. The target which has been set constitutes around 4.4 percent of total French-speaking immigrants who’ll be settling outside Quebec by 2023.

According to the plan executed, “French-speaking immigrants contribute to the strength and prosperity of the country, while adding to Canada’s rich cultural and linguistic diversity. Francophone immigration plays a role in maintaining the vitality of francophone and Acadian communities across Canada but it also helps address labour market needs and helps sustain Canada as a bilingual country.”

The plan comes in the light of the fact that Canada’s French-speaking population outside Quebec has been on a continuous decline. On onset of this plan, it is predicted that immigrants to Canada who settled outside of Quebec increased from 850 in 2003 to 2,400 in 2017.

Not only this, there is actually threefold Objectives behind this move, which are:

  • An increased number of French-speaking immigrants settling in Canada outside Quebec;
  • An increased participation rate of French-speaking immigrants in local labour markets; and
  • An increased participation rate of French-speaking immigrants in broader communities and social networks.

Canada’s immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen, also puts in that “The federal government is committed to helping to build and sustain francophone minority communities across Canada, in part through francophone immigration’’.

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