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Importance of Australian Immigration- A tale from Australian migrant ‘Frank Lowy’

Mon, Sep 17 2018
Importance of Australian Immigration- A tale from Australian migrant ‘Frank Lowy’

The founder of Australian Shopping Centre Company, ‘Westfield’ Frank Lowy believes that Australia should aim at an ambitious immigration program. He insisted that Australia should focus on the benefits that immigration brings instead of immigration negatives. The foreign workers bring new perspective towards skills and knowledge.

Frank Lowy is also a migrant who came in 1952 by escaping from Nazi harassment in Hungry and Czechoslovakia in his early childhood days. He started his business in Australia by opening a shopping centre called ‘Westfield’ and successfully created an empire. Not only this, he is also a man behind the Titular Lowy Institute, as per The Guardian.

Lowy defines immigration as an act of imagination, ambition and courage. He says that migrants are real bravos as they leave their home and everything to come and start their new life from beginning. He says that Australia needs courageous skilled workers.

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Lowy further links the immigration to diversity and prosperity. He says, the more the number of migrants coming to Australia, the better will be the economy. He says the number of migrants affects the global economy of Australia. He believes in “Big Australia” and wants an ambitious migration program.

Immigration has been great for Australia and its economy and will continue to be fundamental in the future as well. When compared to Australia immigration of 1950s, the country has progressed humungously and is more productive, richer and interesting. He is firm believer of immigration and the positive impact it brings to the country.

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Lowy underlines that his opinions are solely based on his experiences in childhood. After arriving in Australia he was made to feel like a future citizen right away. The immigration is a two-way process. This means that the migrants coming to Australia must also feel grateful about the opportunity they have got to become Australian Permanent Residence. The country needs the worker hard-work in form of good economic standing as compared to their gratitude.

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