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A New Points-Based Immigration System and “NHS visa” declared by Home Secretary, Priti Patel

Fri, Nov 08 2019

A New Points-Based Immigration System and “NHS visa” declared by Home Secretary, Priti Patel

It is planned to announce today of an “NHS Visa” to fast track nurses and doctors from overseas to fill the vacancies in the Health Service Sector. This visa will have cost as half the normal price.

Under the “NHS”, there are just about 100,000 vacancies that represent about one in 11 jobs. Into these vacancies, there is a shortage of 43,000 nurses and 10,000 doctors. For filling the shortages, the following consideration will be undertaken:

• The British Political Party, Tories, is expected that by introducing this “visa”, it will prioritize the migrants with having much-needed skills.• The home secretary, Miss Patel, will give warning against “uncontrolled and unlimited Labor’s” migration.   

• Further, she will argue that it would be put pressure on Hospitals and Schools in the United Kingdom (U.K)

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In Shortages of Health Service staff, there is a rise in cancellation in operations along with a rise in payments to agency nurses and locum doctors. According to the last month's report, it is found that some hospitals were providing up to £3,500 to doctors, which seems like a shift to block the crisis.

It is said by the Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, last week that After Brexit, Labor desired to see after Brexit ‘as much free movement as possible’.

It is said by the Government to join with us and to put in the point-based system for immigration, or to move with Labor with an unlimited and uncontrolled immigration system.

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