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83 Percent Women Empowerment in Canada’s Labour Market 2018

Sat, Mar 09 2019
83 Percent Women Empowerment in Canada’s Labour Market 2018

Newfoundland and Quebec saw the fastest participation rate growth between 2008 and 2018 says Statistics. Around 83 percent of women in Canada aged 25 to 54 years were working or looking for work in 2018, according to a new update from Statistics Canada to mark International Women’s Day on March 8. The 2018 participation statistics surpassed the 1950 demographics with just over 21 percent of Canadian women in this demographic group participated in Canada’s labour market. By 1991, this rate had risen to 75.9 percent. 

"The increase in women's participated coincided with socio-demographic and economic changes, such as increased participation in higher levels of education, delayed marriage, and childbearing, and increased separation and divorce," Statistics Canada notes.

At the provincial level, the fastest rate of growth in women’s labour market participation between 2008 and 2018 was in Newfoundland and Labrador where the rate rose five percentage points to 81.6 percent in 2018. 

The rate of labour market participation during this ten year period was second highest in Quebec where it rose by 3.9 percentage points to 86.7 percent. The participation increased to 2.3 percentage points between 2008 and 2018 to 77.7 percent for women aged 25 to 54 years. 
Statistics Canada also showed 2017 data from the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) that showed Canada’s labour market participation rate of 82.4 that year for women aged 25 to 54 years was higher than OECD average of 73 percent. 

This participation rate of Canada is ahead of the United States which had a rate of 75 percent but is behind Sweden and Iceland that has a rate of 88.7 percent. 

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