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70% of Canada’s Population Growth in Last Quarter of 2017 is Resultant of International Migration

Mon, Mar 26 2018
70% of Canada’s Population Growth in Last Quarter of 2017 is Resultant of International Migration

According to a new revelation statistics in Canada, a gigantic 70% International migration in the final Quarter of 2017 is a direct result of Migration of International individuals in the country.

The federal agency of Canada has also confirmed that between periods of 1st October, 2017 and 1st January 2018, immigrants, return emigrants as well as non-permanent residents has been the main driver of population growth.

During the last Quarter of 2018, Canada’s population amplified by 78,805, which is 0.2 percent. Out of these, close to 70 percent (55,048) were credited to “international migratory increase.”

Describing this statistics, the agency labelled this high level of increase as “uncommonly high” for fourth quarter.

“Such strong growth has rarely been seen during a fourth quarter since the beginning of the period covered by the current demographic accounting system [in place since July 1971],” Statistics Canada said.

Being a sparsely populated country, every year Canada invites skilled individuals to participate in the development of economy and also settle in the country as Residents.

If you are skilled individual with a right age and proficient level of education, work experience and English language ability, then you migrate to the beautiful land of Canada right away!


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