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Home news 20th express entry draw of august launched

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Posted By : Sonali
I have a CRS score of 372, bachelor’s degree from India, 20 yrs experience from which 11years experience is international ,ielts score CLB 9, and 40 years old. When can I expect the ITA? Thanks
05/09/2017 17:06 pm

Posted By : Simriti
I have applied 1 year and 4 month ago…. Through a consultant.. my points was almost 399..so do you expect it will go down more?! Can we get accepted?!
05/09/2017 16:24 pm

Posted By : Vanadana
Hi Simriti, if you are having 399 CRS then it difficult to receive ITA even you are unable to receive NOI from Ontario. So you need to increase your CRS scores and then you can proceed your application further,

Posted By : Chitra Dass
when is the next draw expected and any prediction that how much will be the cut off ??
04/09/2017 17:45 pm

Posted By : shradhha
Chitra Das, as latest Express Entry draw conducted on 6th Sep, and draw conducts twice a month, so after 15-20 days, in the end of this month i.e. in September, we can expect next draw to be conducted near by 434 and so on...

Posted By : Riya Khanna
@Mohd. Shamim, CIC conducts Express entry draw twice or sometimes thrice in a month. so,you can arrange your profile accordingly.
28/08/2017 15:50 pm

Posted By : Rajeshwar
Hi…May I know the criteria of calculating CRS points, also wanted to know to minimum points need to get nomination from CIC.
26/08/2017 17:36 pm

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