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Immigration to Canada - How easy is it to migrate to Canada

Canada is a country with an effervescent economy, expanding opportunities for business and investment, work employment chances for the right candidates and quality of life in the provinces and territories of the country.

Are you a trained worker in your field of the domain? Well, the Canadian Government wants you!
The Canadian Government has set the fixed immigration target of 340,000 immigrants for the year 2020 and 350,000 immigrants for the year 2021. The multi-year immigration arrangement will help in enhancing integration and research.

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There are many Canada Immigration programs for the right candidate to select for the ultimate settlement in the country. Decide the most favourable visa programs from skilled migration programs like Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Programs to the family sponsorship programs etc.

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Live the life you want here in Canada.

New opportunities seek new people with Canada prospering every day, people have the opportunity of progressing too. Canada is a youthful country bustling with many activities. Your immigration dream will give your family more balance, and more quality of life. Those who reside in the maple country are some of the most inspirational, down-to-earth and determined people.

Canada is always open to new ideas, new business, and new arrivals. So, if you have the requisite skills, It has the jobs to offer. "Immigrants expand the economy's productive capacity by stimulating investment and promoting specialization, which produces efficiency gains and boosts income per worker," says, Canadian policymaker.

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Why to Immigrate to Canada From India?

  • It lets you do many activities then you desire
    Immigration to Canada will provide an exciting lifestyle and different opportunities that will ultimately open avenues where you can afford to do more.
  • It offers a safe and unique living experience
    It is one of the safest countries in the world to settle as an individual or family because of its lowest crime rate.
  • It is a temple of education excellence
    Through Immigration you can offer a high level of learning from internationally recognized universities, an extensive Vocational Education and Training (VET) system and a highly regarded schooling sector (primary as well as secondary)
  • It is home to world-class healthcare and research
    It offers free treatment in public health organizations and subsidized treatment in private sector hospitals for specified services. Also, Canadian employers provide private health care as part of the salary.

How to Immigrate to Canada From India?

Are you looking forward for immigration to Canada but are unaware of the systematic procedure followed by the country and most importantly the access of up to date information? There is an online free immigration assessment tool that will help you find out your eligibility chances. Read more...

Is It Easy to Immigrate to Canada?

Canada has one of the easiest visa and immigration methods and procedure for different visa programs. So, if you can support yourself fully with the Canadian visa eligibility conditions and there are no additional requirements asked by the immigration department to dampen the Immigration process, the visa process for Immigration will be like a cakewalk.

Please Note:- Our free immigration assessment tool is only for reference, if you want case-specific advice, contact our immigration expert today or you can fill the form to get a call back from one of our experienced experts.

Canada picks and selects foreign skilled workers who can support their skills and contribute to Canada's economy. Based on your personal preference, you can decide the programs for immigrating to Canada.

Express Entry
Express Entry System is the most popular online immigration method that allows foreign skilled migrants to come and settle in the country on permanent basis. The programs are managed under three federal economic immigration programs.
Provincial nominees program
Provincial Nominees Programs is an important Immigration pathway that an applicant may consider applying on the basis of their province preferences and eligibility requirements. The provinces/territories have own PNP programs and eligibility requirements.

Family Sponsorship
family Sponsorship Programs makes easy for Canadian Citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their eligible family relatives to live with them in Canada forever. In this way, the sponsor is ensuring that their loving family members settle in the most beautiful country.
Atlantic Immigration Pilot
To address the labour needs of four Atlantic Provinces a creative approach is adopted called Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program that invites overseas skilled migrant for starting their careers in these flourishing provinces with the interest to find a job offer.

Quebec Selected Skilled Workers
Discover your options in the Quebec by knowing about the Quebec Skilled Worker Program process. The process for immigration to Quebec is entirely different from the regular provincial nominee programs.
Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot
The rural and northern immigration pilot program is developed to spread the economic immigration to smaller communities that encourages new migrants to come and work in these communities at various skill levels.

Start-up Visa
As a budding or established entrepreneur willing to come and establish business in Canada, Start-up Visa is for you that aims at expanding the business provided certain conditions are met.

Canada Immigration Eligibility

In order to be eligible for Canada Immigration you need to meet the following minimum immigration criteria / eligibility requirements:

  • Age:-
    You must be below age 46 to submit your application for immigration program.
  • English Language Proficiency:-
    As a primary applicant you must have IELTS 6 bands in each module of general training IELTS. CIC also accept alternative english language tests is CELPIP, Applicants can obtain the IELTS equivalent test CELPIP.
  • Occupation:-
    On order to apply for canada immigration , your profile must be listed under skilled occupation list in canada.
  • Work Experience:-
    You must have at least 1 year full time, paid continuous work experience in skilled occupation list of canada.
  • Settlement Funds:-
    when you are migrating to Canada, you need to ensure that you have sufficient funds to support yourself & family in Canada. Please check here Canada Funds Requirements here. Read in detail Canada Immigration Eligibility

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How Aptech Visa Can Assist you in Fulfilling the Canada Immigration Dream?

Many see immigration dreams but only a few dares to fulfill it! At Aptech with our experience of so many years, we become your guide and mentor in assisting you at every Immigration steps starting from documentation arrangement to filing for visa application and job assistance, etc. Fulfill your immigration dream by taking one step forward and connect with our visa and immigration experts! We are, we will always be available at every stage whenever you need us!

Services and Information
Get Your Free Immigration Assessment:-
Complete the immigration assessment form to get an evaluation of your age, qualifications, work experience etc. for immigration to Canada. We will provide up-to date details and your possible Canada Immigration chances.
Prepare Your Immigration File With Utmost Care
We will provide utmost care to make sure that your application file has all the relevant information that is full-proof and prepared according to all the legal formalities. Our experts will follow up with your file for faster Canada PR processing.
Prepare to Work in Canada
We will assist you in an easy way about the information that newcomers should know to sustain there.

Resume & Cover Letter Rebuilding
We open new doors for you in order to move forward in Canada by redesigning and updating your CV in accordance with Canadian organizational standards
100% Job Assistance Guaranteed
We offer every help on timely basis to our clients for their successful entry into any Canadian organization related to their occupation. However, we do not pursue 100% job guarantee but assistance at every step!
Improve Your Communication Skills
We help you in developing and improving your communication skills that will eventually help you in sustaining life in the said country.

Financial Assistance for Settlement Funds
We help you by providing assistance regarding settlement funds and their arrangement to avoid your immigration delays.
Job Training Program
We assist you in preparing for your immigration D-Day by assisting at every stage of Canada Immigration.
Complete Post Landing Services
We help take care with your post landing services from the moment you arrive in the said country.



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