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Canada welcomes around 300,000 people for permanent immigration every year. Permanent Resident visa is the ticket to many opportunities in the beautiful country with growing economy. The immigration process is majorly point-based and there are 60+ programs that are used by applicants to apply through.

The highly organised immigration as offered by the Canadian authority IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) requires certain steps to be followed carefully and a single mistake will result in rejection for the PR visa card.

It is not possible to know possible for a PR visa seeker to know about all the programs as each and every one of them has different policies and rules, thus, the need for an immigration consultant is quite evident. A Canada Immigration expert will not only find the most appropriate and suitable program for you but they also assist you throughout the process while keeping you updated about the news and changes related to the Canada PR immigration.

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Aptech Global Immigration- Certified immigration consultants in Delhi

We are a certified immigration consultant. Our services have been acknowledged and certified favourably by the immigration authorities in Canada and many other countries. This means that our processes are compliant with the latest immigration procedures in force in countries like Canada. Our company has also been recognized by the labour and immigration authorities in Delhi. This means you can trust us. Please read the testimonials of some of our delighted customers.

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Aptech Visa deals in:

  • Permanent Residency Visa - this visa is a proof of indefinite residency in a country which comes with many rights and benefits and is to be presented while re-entering the country after traveling abroad
  • Work Visa - this visa legitimates the applicant to work legally in a country for a given period of time
  • Investor Visa - this visa gives the right to the candidate to live in a country as an investor for a given period of time
  • Student visa - this visa is for those candidates who wish to pursue studies overseas in an international university for a limited period of time
  • Tourist Visa - this visa gives the right to tourists who wish to visit a country for a given period time for sightseeing and leisure
  • Temporary Visa - this visa legitimates the card holder to live in a country till the expiry of the visa
  • Family visa - this visa is for those immigrants who wish to migrate in another country to join their family already living there as a resident or a citizen
  • Partner visa - this visa is ideal for those candidates who wish to join their spouse or common partner by law who is already living in the other country as a resident or a citizen
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How to contact Aptech Visa for Canada Immigration

We at Aptech Global are the leading and accredited Immigration and Visa Advisory Service that provides complete immigration process help and assistance to the visa applicants across the world. We have expertise in Canada and Australia immigration process

If you need support from qualified immigration professionals in the immigration process, such as, confirming your eligibility, applying for visa online or through paper application, documentation, you may get in touch with Aptech Global for finest immigration services. To forward your inquiries about immigration process of Australia, Canada, etc. countries, mails us at info@aptechvisa.com .

Why Aptech Global is the best immigration consultant in Delhi?

  • Aptech global has been a leading name in immigration service providers. Our relationship with our customers is based on trust and loyalty. We work ethically and according to the law
  • The services provided by Aptech Global are impartial and unbiased. There are no illegal tie ups and the conduct is done as per the government and immigration authorities
  • We check your eligibility beforehand and find the most appropriate immigration program for the candidate to apply
  • We help the candidate find a job in Canada according to their skills, education and previous work experience
  • We will disclose you with complete information and will remain transparent and impartial throughout the immigration process

Aptech Global realizes that every client is unique and has a different requirement. We therefore, assure each one of our clients personalized services. Our trained immigration consultant’s handhold their client partners during the entire visa application process.

Who is an Immigration Consultant?

An immigration consultant is a highly trained professional who is qualified and experienced in assisting visa applicants in the process of immigration. They help applicants in finding permanent residency in another country. These professionals are updated with the various immigration programs and policies of the target countries and provide many services related to the migration. Immigration experts are registered agents and provide their expertise legally and lawfully.

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Why Hire an Immigration Consultant?

It is important to submit the immigration application to IRCC without any error or missing document. The application will only be accepted if it is filed properly according to guidelines and mandatory requirements as stated by the federal government of Canada.

Thus, hiring an immigration consultant is important to avoid rejection or delay. The Canada PR consultant will help you find the most suitable program after evaluating your credentials and checking your eligibility. They also use certain tools and measures to highlight the key features of the profile to give a boost to your CRS score.

Key Reasons to Hire a Consultant for Immigration Process

The qualified immigration experts deal in the visa process throughout the year and keep themselves and their clients updated about any change or news regarding the immigration process. This is the prime reason why many people opt for their services. More reasons that can be taken into consideration are:

  • Complexity of Immigration Rules and Guidelines
    The Immigration process of a country includes several immigration rules and guidelines based on the immigration programs, visa categories, etc. These guidelines and instructions are often based on the laws and the constitution of a country. Hence, immigration terms and guidelines are most often too complex for the understanding of a layman. A qualified and experienced immigration consultant decodes the intricate immigration rules and guidelines and accordingly completes the online immigration process or visa application.
  • Selecting the right Immigration program of Visa Category to apply
    This is also a key decision that bothers most of the applicants when they decide to apply on their own. Immigration guidelines often make clear the application process for each immigration program or visa category, however, they can’t tell you which one you must choose based on your skills, experience, and ease. An immigration Consultant helps you select the best visa category or immigration program that suits your profile, and in which, your chances of succeeding are high.
  • Dealing with the Immigration authorities
    As an immigration or visa applicant, you need to deal and interact with different immigration authorities. If you are not familiar with immigration office or their functioning, you often have to face a lot of problems dealing with them. However, when you are hiring a consultant for the immigration process, help, most of the jobs are done by your consultant only on your behalf, such as, following up your application with visa office, responding to their inquiries via email, phone call, etc.
  • Valuable time Saved
    Hiring a consultant for immigration process also saves your valuable time, especially if you are a working person. Immigration is a multifaceted process that may take at least 4-5 months (even more at times) to get completed. During the whole process, you may have to visit immigration office, gather documents, respond to calls, emails, etc. However, if you have hired a consultant for your immigration process, he takes care most of the things on your behalf, which ultimately saves you time and makes life easy for you as an applicant.
  • Helps when you get stuck
    Many a times you get stuck in the immigration process as an applicant. For instance, you don’t get Invitation to apply (ITA) from the authorities despite waiting for months. In such scenario, you need a specialist or expert, who can guide you about alternate ways to secure the ITA or approval from the immigration authorities. Similarly, at times, you get an objection from the immigration, which you don’t know how to deal with, in such a time, you require help or support from an experienced Immigration professional. An Immigration Consultant with its years of experience in the industry, come to your rescue.
  • Reduces the Possibility of Visa denial to negligible
    Error in Visa application is the key cause of maximum visa denials. If you are applying on your own, you always remain in doubt whether you have filled your visa application form correctly or not. Moreover, the immigration authorities are very strict about the correct applications and well followed immigration process. Any erroneous field is verified very closely by the immigration officers. If you have unknowingly provided incorrect information at any stage of the immigration process, it may land you in great problem and your visa application may get either delayed or rejected based on the same. Consequently, it will be a huge loss of time and money.

    However, if you are applying under the guidance or supervision of a visa expert, the possibility of submitting an incorrect application is negligible. The Immigration Consultants use their knowledge and vast experience in presenting the visa application on your, behalf. Hence, the chances of getting approval for visa application certainly increase.
  • Conviction of Professional Assistance
    When you are applying for a visa through a professional immigration consultant, you feel that you are in safe hands. The expertise, knowledge, and experience of your consultant keeps you convinced and relaxed while following the multifaceted immigration procedure.

    However, to have such positivity and confidence in your application, you must choose a genuine, certified, and trusted Immigration Consultant for assistance in the immigration process from start till the last part.
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Which immigration services does Aptech Global Delhi office offer?

The Aptech Global Immigration Services in Delhi office offers a range of services to its clients. Please have a look at the bouquet of our services;

Case Study/ Analysis – When a new client steps into our office, we do a thorough study of his/ her education, skills, and experience, age and language skills. This is important because the success of every visa application depends on how well we understand the applicant not just as a person but his/ her professional background as well.

Pre- assessment- - Once our team of immigration consultants has done the required analysis, we do the pre-assessment of the applicant. This means that we try to match the candidate with the required visa programme of the target country.

Documentation Assistance -- An important service that we offer is that we help in the correct and complete documentation of the entire application. This is important because this stage may delay/ deny the visa application.

Letter Drafting - - How you draft your visa application letter will make a tremendous impact on the acceptance of your application.

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Hi Aptech Global Team,

I would like to tell everyone that Aptech Global is thoroughly professional and highly efficient in their working. I am mightily impressed with the services! I had applied earlier also via some other consultants, but they could not get the job done. Everything worked out well with Aptech. I got my Canada PR visa within a matter of months. Would recommend them to anybody out there looking to immigrate abroad. Thank you so much for your Job assistance and IELTS preparation material as complimentary services.

- Satpal Singh, New Delhi