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What is Immigration?

Immigration is the international movement where the people migrate to a destination country of which they are not having a citizenship and are non- natives of that country who wish to settle or reside there on a permanent basis.
Immigration is generally done for high standard of living, better health facilities, and excellent job opportunities and to get good education.

The world is heterogeneous because every third individual is migrating to one country or other. There is diversity everywhere and all credit goes to the immigrants. You can spot Indian in any country you go, be it Canada, Australia, New- Zealand, Germany, USA or any other.

Check Your Eligibility

Determining Eligibility

You have made your mind that you have to reside in a particular country for a lifetime. But, are you eligible to immigrate to that country? You need to check this out first by going for an evaluation process where you have to share details like education, skills, experience, language ability and other details required for checking the eligibility. We then make an evaluation report after you give all the required details.

Selection of Right Country

Every year many migrants move to different countries where their profile is best suited. There are countries which offer free education, health benefits, family programs etc. some countries also provide permanent residency easily by working in that particular country for few years. The top most ideal countries to immigrate are:

Why Immigrate?

Different people have different reason to immigrate to another country. There are some reasons mentioned below which could be life changing decisions:

  • Cost of living
  • Services
  • Weather
  • Retirement
  • Employment
  • Family

Process Mechanism

There is a proper procedure which should be followed for immigration to any country. First and foremost thing should be your evaluation report (If you don’t have the report, click here to get an evaluation report). If your evaluation report is positive, the next step will be documentation. Once eligible, your profile will be processed for next step with relevant authority like ECA/Skill Assessment/ EOI to get immigration clearance.


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