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If My SINP Application Rejected / Returned What Should I Do

It is disheartening to see when your visa application gets rejected. At that point of time, you feel your life has came standstill, leaving you helpless and dejected. The hard work that you have put in all these months came with a negative outcome of your visa being returned. The heartbreaking news takes many applicants in isolation and they are often baffled about their next step.

sinp application rejected

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In such a situation what are the possible things that one should do? First of all, you must not lose your cool and try to stay calm and composed by thoroughly evaluating the reason of your visa rejection/denial. After gaining your calm and deciding the next crucial steps, you have predominantly two steps and out of which one is to apply for Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) and then be in dilemma that whether they will accept this time or not?

To avoid second time rejection, it is better to know the real reasons of visa getting rejected, and try to focus on those particular points to avoid any kind of disappointment. You must prepare your file in proper manner to avoid any end time glitches. Though, the reason of accepting and rejection of SINP visa approval is solely taken by The Saskatchewan Immigration Department.

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The Saskatchewan Immigration Department when refuses your application does not necessarily provide the full reasons or in-depth reasons of the visa refusal to the migrants. Though, they do provide the generic detailing.

Here are the possible options that you may try if your Canadian Visa gets rejected:

You can immediately reapply for the visa after rectifying the reason of visa refusal unless your visa refusal letter indicates differently.

There are two ways, one is to review and other is reapplying.


  • If your application was ineligible by the SINP and you want to have your application reviewed due to an error made in the application process, or in the assessment of the application based on the criteria at the time of application, you may ask for secondary review. Though, to require for the same you have 45 days from the date SINP issued the ineligible letter.
  • The secondary review appeal must be done through mail and later if the decision is still upheld after the secondary review, the file will be closed


  • You may reapply to the SINP only after the reasons for the ineligible decision has been addressed.
  • You must submit the supporting documents that are complete in all aspect with the new SINP application.
  • The resubmitted application will be subject to the same processing times and procedures as all other applications.

Check Your Eligibility

You must check in the refusal letter and see the reasons of visa getting rejected

However, the secondary review does not allow you to submit any new supporting documents. If you want to submit new supporting documents then in such a case you will be required to reapply to SINP with new application.

You may not worry about your money or visa fees because the Canadian Government refunds the visa application fees when your PR file gets rejected. This means if the reasons are genuine of visa getting refused; your money will also be refunded by the Canadian Immigration Department. The visa rejection fees are refunded for:

  • The right of permanent residence fee (RPRF)
  • The right of Citizenship Fee
  • The open work permit fee (for Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) exempt workers only)
  • The employer compliance fee (refund to the employer)

Well, we do not recommend our clients to immediately start away with the new application unless and until there is some improvement in the financial, family or economic situation.

Let us say, you were unable to provide sufficient funds, so till the time your funds requirement is not met, do not reapply for the Canada visa.

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sinp application rejected

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