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Potential Applicants applying for Canadian Immigration are mainly required to demonstrate a minimum language ability to ensure they are able to adapt themselves to Canada. Every migrant coming through skilled migration programs are required to showcase their language skills in order to become eligible for Canada PR through skill categories.

The Canadian Immigration department allows an applicant to sit for at least one of Canada's official languages- English or French. Both these languages are accepted by IRCC as language skills.

If you decide to sit for English language ability, you have the option of taking any one of the two exams mentioned below as recognized by Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). These are:

  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP)
IELTS to CLB Converter

Well, of these two, IELTS is a more preferred form of language assessment test and is also administered in more countries.

International English Language Testing System also known as IELTS is accepted as the evidence of English Language Proficiency. When applying for permanent residency in Canada, IELTS General is accepted and the test result must be presented as part of your application.

Please check below the following guidelines related to IELTS Test Result:

  • Your score is valid for 2 years after the IELTS test result
  • Your language test must be valid at the time of submitting a visa application
  • You are required to submit the test copy along with the visa application

Regardless, of any exam taken by an applicant, the Canadian Immigration department has its own system of calculating the language assessment results known as the Canadian Language Benchmark or CLB.

What is the Canadian Language Benchmarks?

The Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) is the national standards used in Canada for skilled migration programs to describe, measure and recognize the English language proficiency of potential immigrants and adult immigrants for living and working in Canada. The CLB is the most important tool for your Canada Permanent Residency application.

The CLBs are calculated on a scale of CLB 1 to CLB 10. As the level of CLB increases, the IELTS score in correspondence to CLB also increases.

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How to Convert IELTS to CLB?

'IELTS to CLB converter for Express Entry' is an important aspect because the bands you scored in IELTS test will correspond to your CLB bands. After all, the Canadian Immigration preference is CLB score. Every visa program for Canada skilled migration categories has different CLB eligibility. The points you scored in IELTS each category of reading, writing, listening and speaking will have a CLB band score in accordance with that.

For example: As a skilled worker applying for Express Entry programs and specifically for Federal Skilled Worker Program, the eligible language assessment test score is CLB 7 that is achieved through IELTS 6 bands in each module of reading, writing, listening and speaking.
Whereas, for other Provincial Nomination Programs like Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program or Manitoba Immigrant Nominee Program, the minimum eligible language score is CLB 5.

Which CLB Score Corresponds to Your IELTS Exam?

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