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IELTS Requirements / Language Requirements for Saskatchewan - SINP

Saskatchewan is known province of Canada and is also the most taken and popular provinces of Canada. A prime destination for the migrants to come and settle in Saskatchewan is its wide economy and diverse opportunities available.

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Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) is the pathway of inviting skilled and qualified workers and other categories workers as per the quota allotted by the Federal Government. The candidates are selected throughout the year under different nomination programs. The two main streams are SINP – Occupation in-demand sub-category and SINP- Express Entry sub-category.

ielts score requirement for SINP

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Is IELTS Basic Requirement for SINP?

The basic requirement when applying for Canada Immigration 2020 is the English language ability requirements. Here, we will talk about the IELTS requirements for SINP under its two famous categories. Read on to find more about SINP IELTS requirements  Immigrate to saskatchewan with lowest IELTS Score!

Is Immigration to SINP With Low IELTS Bands Possible?

Do you know that SINP invites applicants with lowest IELTS score? If you have less language score, then also there is no need to worry,
Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program is known for its low language score invitation to skill workers for its provincial programs as compared to Federal Express Entry Programs. As it has significantly lower language ability requirements, achieving the benchmark is quite easy for the potential migrants, specifically Indians.

What are SINP Basic Language Requirements?

SINP Language Requirements are different for different kinds of job occupations available in the Saskatchewan labour market. So, if you are management professional and your  SINP occupation in Demand all over Canada inclusive Saskatchewan, in such a case you are required to have higher English language score. The English requirement is necessary and Managers are required to have good English language command. Hereby, below mentioned is the language ability point score for SINP that you are required to meet for permanent residency of Canada

  • SINP- In-demand Occupation Category
    SINP In-demand occupation category is for the applicants who have the skills and experience in any of the occupation listed on Saskatchewan demand list. Thus, to apply for SINP- In-demand category, you must explore the occupation demand list and meet the required eligibility requirements. Language ability is one of them.
    SINP-OID stream Language ability requirement is CLB 5 that is R-4, W-5.5, L-5, and S-5
  • SINP- Express Entry Category
    The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) is aligned with the Federal Skill Worker Express Entry system. To apply for SINP-EE category, an applicant is required to meet the basic Express Entry eligibility requirements. SINP-EE requires CLB-7 as the basic criteria for the applicants applying for permanent residency.

SINP-Express Entry language ability requirement is CLB-7 that is R-6, W-6, L-6 and S-6
Let us have a look at the IELTS requirement for SINP!

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International English Language Testing System- General Training Equivalency chart

10 8 7.5 8.5 7.5
9 7 7 8 7
8 6.5 6.5 7.5 6.5
7 6 6 6 6
6 5 5 5.5 5.5
5 4 5.5 5 5
4 3.5 4 4 4

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