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Hong Kong QMAS Occupation List 2021

Live your immigration dream in Hong Kong. It is the most ravishing country that offers lucrative jobs opportunities to new immigrants who are skilled and capable to meet the key eligibility requirement that are set up by Hong Kong immigration Department.

Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

The trained and qualified applicants have the bigger chances to serve the nation as best as they can. They can also take part in the growth and development of Hong Kong economy. To migrate to one such beautiful Hong Kong country, intended applicants have to confirm that whether their current profession is in demand under Hong Kong labor market or not.

The demand list of Hong Kong QMAS mentions several of occupations that are highly in demand for the Hong Kong destination. For enhancing the financial and economic status of Hong Kong, immigration authority designs such kind of Demand list through which the skilled and potential workers can stay and work for the improvement of Hong Kong economy.

Moving further, if your desired occupation is being listed under the Hong Kong occupation list then you will have better chances to become a Hong Kong permanent residency.

So, for what are you waiting for? Just go through the Hong Kong demand List and ensure your current occupation.

Hong Kong Occupation List

Item Sector Examples
1 Academic Research and Education Nurseries, Tertiary Education,Academic Research
2 Architecture, Surveying, Engineering and Construction Landscaping, Architecture, Surveying, Civil/ Electrical/ Mechanical/ Structural/ Environmental Engineering
3 Arts and Culture Performing Arts, Fine Arts,Museums, Libraries, Photography
4 Broadcasting and Entertainment Broadcasting & Programming, Motion Picture, Video & Television Programme Production, Sound Record & Music Publishing
5 Business Support and Human Resources Business Consulting, Company Secretary, Administrative Support, Human Resources Management, Recruitment Services, Public Relations Services, Advertising, Information Services
6 Catering and Tourism Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Travel Agencies
7 Commerce and Trade Import & Export, Retail, Wholesale
8 Financial and Accounting Services Accountancy, Banking, Insurance, Securities, Investment Banking
9 Human Health and Veterinary Services Western Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Dental Services, Medical Technologists, Occupational Therapists, Nurses, Veterinary Services
10 Information Technology and Telecommunications IT Consultancy, Wire line or Wireless Communications
11 Legal Services Legal Practice
12 Logistics and Transportation Logistics, Air Transport, Sea Transport, Land Transport
13 Manufacturing Industries Electrical, Electronics, Food & Beverages, Chemical, Metals, Toys, Textiles, Watches, Jewellery, Printing & Publishing
14 Sports Sports Activities
15 Others Some occupation are not display for other occupations and related information you can call on this number +91-7503832132 or fill free assessment form

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