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What Is The Job-Seeker Visa ?

Germany job-seeker visa is a long term residency permit which allows skilled workers to come and search for a job within 6 months. This visa tends to attracts educated migrants who can contribute to the economy and meet the requirements of country’s skill shortage.

If you are successful in finding a work within this period, you can convert the job seeker visa into a long-term residence permit. And, if not then you have to leave the country after your visa gets over.

The holder of job-seeker visa is also entitled for certain benefits:

  1. It allows you to live and search for a suitable job according to your skills
  2. You do not require an offer letter to apply for this visa
  3. You are given sufficient time period to discover the occupation in any industry or field
  4. You can also apply for the residence permit after acquiring a relevant work experience
  5. You can also apply for the permanent residency after staying for 5 years on a residence permit.

Apply for the job-seeker visa now!

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