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What is German Family Reunification Visa and What are the Requirements for Different Family Members ?

You can apply through German Family Reunification Visa if you want to join your family member or spouse in Germany.

EU citizens who are working in Germany can bring their children up to 21 years of age, family and spouse as far as they can financially support themselves. Also, the right to bring the family members also applies to non EU countries as well.

However, visa conditions will depend upon your size of the accommodation, ability to support dependents and the basic knowledge of German.

There are different requirements for different family members to apply for German Family Reunification Visa and they are:

  1. For EU/EEA/Swiss Family Members: you just need a valid passport to enter Germany and you must register with the registration resident office within three months of entering the country.
  2. For Non EU/EEA/Swiss Nationals:  if you want to join your family in Germany, you need a valid passport along with the residence permit to go to your family, sufficient funds to support your stay, and enough space to accommodate in their residence.
  3. For Spouse: if you want to join your spouse (married or civil partner) in Germany, you must be above 18 years of age and should have a basic German language skills though there is an exception, if your partner meets the below mentioned point:
  4. Your partner must be a holder of EU Blue card
  5. Your partner is highly qualified
  6. Your partner is self employed
  7. For children: children below 16 years of age can join their parents without any conditions.

Children between 16-18 years of age will need to be either fluent in German or be able to adjust easily into German society. However, if parent is an EU Blue card holder or a settlement permit or a residence permit, no such requirements are mandatory.

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