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Join Your Family through German Family Reunification Visa
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German Family Reunification Visa/ German Family Reunion Visa

Family Reunion is described as a term where one can bring family member to the Germany if already is a resident in that country.

If you want to join your family member or spouse in Germany, you will be allowed to go through German Family Reunification Visa. However visa conditions will depend upon your relative, spouse or family member status in Germany.

EU Citizens who are working in Germany can bring their family, including spouses, children aged under 21, parents and grandparents as far as they are financially stable and can provide enough living space. The right to bring along the family members also applies to the non EU countries; family members do not require a work permit to take up employment.

As far as non EU citizens are concerned with a temporary or permanent residence permit, family members normally include children, spouses and sometimes other family members. The family reunion can only happen if certain conditions like size of the accommodation, ability to support dependents and a basic knowledge of German is met.

Following are the different categories of German Family Reunification Visa. Based on the best suited for your application, you can apply that:

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EU/EEA/Swiss Family Members

You only need a valid passport or ID-Card to enter Germany because you are already the citizen of EU/EEA/Switzerland and you must register with the registration resident office within three month of entering the country.

Non EU/EEA/Swiss Nationals

If you are joining the EU/EEA/Swiss nationals then you have to apply for visa beforehand. After that you will get the residence card from the concerned country.

Basic requirements to go to your family in Germany:

  • Residence permit of the family member
  • Sufficient and secured finances to support you
  • Enough space to accommodate you at their residence.

Visa requirement for spouse

If you are planning to join your spouse (married or civil partner) and applying for German marriage visa, you must be both above 18 years of age and should have basic German language skills unless your spouse fits into any of these categories:

  • Holder of EU Blue card.
  • Stays in Germany as a researcher
  • Is highly qualified
  • Is self-employed

If your spouse fits into any of the above mentioned categories, there’s no age requirement nor do you need to speak any German to apply for a spouse visa in Germany.

If you got married after your spouse got a residence permit then you have to wait for at least two years till the time your spouse has the permit and after that you can apply.

Please note that a marriage visa in Germany on the basis of family reunification is not permitted for forced marriages or civil partnerships, or marriage/civil partnerships of convenience.

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Visa requirement for children

Children younger than 16 years can join their parents without fulfilling any conditions. But if the child is between the age of 16-18 and not married/divorced/widowed, they will need to be either fluent in German or be able to adjust easily into German society in order to get a residence permit for family reunification in Germany.

Therefore, the latter requirements are not required if the parent holds a Blue card, a settlement permit or a residence permit.

Usually the processing time for the family reunion visa for a short term period takes between 2-10 days and for a long term period it takes several months.

Therefore, for timely process of your family reunification visa you need to contact our immigration expert on our toll free number 18001201602 Free Assessment Form