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Germany Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Opens New Office For Faster Processing Of Job Seeker Visa

Germany Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Opens New Office For Faster Processing Of Job Seeker Visa

Posted On: Sat, Mar 07 2020

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Germany has opened a New Office which comes into force from 1st March 2020 for faster immigration processing of Job seeker visa along with new employment. This office is going to set up within the framework of Foreigner’s office and it is expected to process the visa within shorter periods than now.

According to Jan Freigang, one of employee in the team, said that a fresh new team and office space will operate on “an important and exciting new job under Germany job seeker visa”. He further adds, “It is of no matter if it is in nursing, in IT industry or in the craft. There is Trades force Immigration Act which intends to come into effect on 1st March 2020. With new team, it is to ensure that skilled workers that the German economy urgent needs can get visa for entry soon as possible”.

The German law for skilled immigrants has been so approved for a year ago through Merkel Cabinet to deal with labor paucity within the country by attracting skilled foreign labor. This long awaited law, come into force in March 2020, and set to remove several hurdles for skilled migrants who wish to work in Germany.

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The new German Law also facilitates immigrants with gaining appropriate academic qualifications, German knowledge and essential financial means in order to come to Germany and seek for Job for highly qualified professionals. On the other hand, due to higher volume of applications processed continuously and received by German abroad embassies, the German Foreigner’s office has set up a new office for which the main task is to receive employment visa applications from embassies, consult abroad and processed them directly.

As some countries processing time is very long because of higher priority of visas to Germany, this is how a new Germany office is going to assist skilled workers. In particular, Germany businesses are suffering as of lack of appropriate qualified workers for almost three years decade and IT industry is one of these companies. At the time when law was approved, the German IT sector federation has declared around 82,000 vacant professionals in IT companies which are recorded as twice as the previous year.

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While, one year ago study of Bertelsmann Foundation has ascertained that Germany would require 260,000 workers each year to closer labor gap and around 146,000 of these workers are coming from country outside of European Union. The recent study also estimated that by 2060, 40 years from now, there will be a devastating impact on Germany economy, currently 4th largest in the world.    

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