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Germany Welcomes The Skilled Immigrants With Open Arms
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Germany has been the fifth largest destination to move to. Over one in eight members of the German population is an immigrant that is because of its high standard of living, well performing economy, and education system and employment opportunities. There are certain areas in Germany which attracts the maximum immigrants like Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, and Frankfurt.
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More than two thirds of Germany’s immigrant population are nationals of another European country, and 36.6 percent are from within the EU.
Germany is thus an attractive destination for the immigrants and in future there will be more such opportunities in recruitment of skilled workers, Employment, healthcare, engineering, IT, and many other commercial and technical sectors.

So, if you are thinking to live in a country where there is high demand for educated and skilled workers to grow, prosper, and give better standard of living to your family, then GERMANY is the one for you!
One must have a valid reason to settle in Germany. There are several ways through which foreign nationals can move to Germany. These reasons are:

  • Immigration to Germany for employment
  • Immigration to Germany for education
  • Immigration to Germany for Entrepreneurs
  • Immigration to Germany for family reunion
  • Immigration to Germany for resident permit

In Germany, there is a deficiency of skilled professionals particularly in the field of Medicine, Architecture and Information Technology. Additionally Germany celebrates Indian workers who can fill these positions as workers are hard to find so there is a co-operation between these two countries.

It is very feasible to settle in Germany because of the job seeker visa which allows you to stay and look for a job in the country for maximum 6 months. If you get employment there then you are also eligible to apply for EU Blue

Card which works just like the America’s Green Card, from inside the country. But there is a condition, you need to finish 5 years of work in order to be able to apply for the permanent residency.

Additionally you can also bring your family to Germany under German Family Reunion Visa.

What are the benefits of Germany Immigration?

Germany welcomes the skilled immigrants with open arms. There are so many benefits to move in as a permanent residence in Germany. Here are the most important benefits:

  • Career Opportunities: Germany provides ample career opportunities in different fields for the highly qualified and skilled individuals.
  • Healthcare: Germany provides an excellent health care facilities both in public as well as private hospitals. Also, health insurance is mandatory in Germany.
  • Family: Germany is a perfect country to live with your family as it is very welcoming and has many family benefits for their citizens.
  • Cost of living: Germany has a very low cost of living in comparison with other western countries. Therefore food, clothing, travel, housing can be done at an affordable prices.
  • Holidays: yes! You heard it right! Germany has total 13 public holidays every year additionally many companies in Germany provide a 30 days standard leave to its employees.

What are the Requirements for German immigration?

Requirements for Germany Immigration depends upon different categories of profile. However there are basic requirements for all visa profiles irrespective of their category. Following are the criteria which should be met to apply for Germany Immigration:

  • Financial Stability: applicants need to fulfill the financial gateway of supporting themselves in Germany. Even if you are working in Germany, you must have the initial funds to cover your expense until you get your salary.
  • Health Insurance: Whether you are travelling or you want to permanently settle in Germany, Health Insurance is compulsory to get yourself Germany.
  • Basic Proficiency of German Language: you must clear A1 OR B1 level of German Language proficiency test to be allowed to immigrate in Germany. But if you want a permanent residency, you’ll need a higher proficiency of C1 or C2. (In some cases of the immigration process, applicants are free to either give language proficiency test or not).

Application for German Immigration

The first and the foremost thing you need to do is to decide which visa or permit will be best suited for you and your family for easy immigration to Germany. After that you need to fill the application form carefully in a step by step manner. Make sure you have all the essential documents for the concerned PR you are applying for to avoid the last minute hush.

The basic criteria like complete application form, age, educational qualification, language proficiency, work experience, financial stability are taken into the account for the selection process.

The decision of the German visa officers is final and binding, once they find you capable enough for their country, they grant PR depending on the category in which you applied for and after that you are ready to start your new life in Germany.

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How does an application form gets selected?

The application form which additionally gives access to work is sent to the home office in the nation where the applicant is currently living. Then, the embassy passes the application form to the migration office in where the job is to happen. The migration office, in collaboration with the nearby work office that issues the authorization decides on their choice of whether the job is suitable or not.

The Embassy then gives a passage visa to the applicant. Upon reaching in Germany, the foreign national and anyone accompanying must apply for their work and living arrangements.

How can Aptech Visa help you in getting Germany PR?

Although getting into Germany is not a difficult task but a single mistake done by you can hamper the immigration process. It’s better to get an assistance from the professionals who are experienced in this sector.

Aptech Visa can assist and help you in getting all the required things on time. Our highly focused team is rigorously serving hundreds of Germany immigrants since many years.

Being your Immigration counsellor and agent we will continuously guide you about the overall Germany Immigration process.

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