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How To Apply For Germany Family Reunion Visa To Live With Your Relatives In Germany?

Germany is one of the prosperous and flourishing countries in the world. Third country nationals who is legally living and working in Germany often want to bring out family members who live outside the European Union, either to live on temporary or on permanent basis. The Germany immigration authority who strongly support the family reunification have introduced a special visa for this purpose, called as German Family Reunion visa, under which the non EU nationals can apply to join their family who already living in Germany.

If the national of European Union, the European free trade association or the European Economic area wanted to live together with their spouse, family members or relative in Germany, all they need to be able to support financially themselves. The German Family Reunion visa as name suggests is a German long stay visa that is issued with the aim of bringing family members of German residents to Germany.

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Who Are Eligible Applicants For Germany Family Reunion Visa?

To be able to get the German Family Reunion visa, whether a fiancé visa, a marriage visa, spouse visa or for other family members, he or she must be a relative of resident of Germany. Alongside, they must fulfill all the key requirements for German reunion visa.

In the following, we are listed some of family members that can apply to join their family in Germany as:

  • A Spouse (wife or husband), registered partner of foreign residing in Germany.
  • Minor children (if both parents lives in Germany, they can apply to bring their minor child in Germany)
  • Adult Children (A parent can apply to bring their adult child in Germany).
  • Parent of legal resident in Germany.
  • Any other relatives of foreigners who resides in Germany.

Documents Requirements For Germany Family Reunion Visa

In order to successfully obtain Germany Family reunion visa, it is evident to furnish all the documents requirements. Some of necessary documents are listed as given below:

  • Standard document for German visa such as a valid passport, two application forms, two recent biometric photos, proof of financial means, proof of accommodation and so on.
  • Proof of German Language skills at least level A1 of the applicant.
  • Proof of registered spouse or partner.
  • Proof of children like birth certificate, proof of child nationality or proof or right to care and custody of parent living in Germany.
  • Invitation letter from family who reside in Germany.

It is to be noted that all the required documents must be provided either in German or in English language. All the official documents must be translated, attested and legalized version.

What Is the Application Procedure To Apply For Germany Family Reunion Visa?

The application procedure for Long term Family reunion is similar as other German visa application. You need to follow the following steps as listed given below:

  • At first, gather all the necessary documents that includes proof that sponsor has sufficient funds to support financially.
  • Schedule an interview through online. On the day of the appointment, attend the interview on time with all the required documents. Do not forget to take with you any of the required documents.
  • Pay the visa fee for an interview to gain Germany Family reunion visa.

The processing time for a German Family Reunion visa can take some days or weeks to several months. Thus, it depends on the number of applications made at the German mission in your home country.

How We Provide Assistance To Get Germany Family Reunion Visa?

It is probable that you might be in doubt for thorough understanding the whole process of Germany Family Reunion visa. Though it involve the complex and tricky immigration policies, it is necessary to opt for correct channels to avoid visa rejection or delays in the entire process. Hence, you are suggested to employ a best Immigration firm For Germany Family Reunion Visa. Through hiring, you can boost your chances for a quick and hassle free process without a hitch.

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