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Manitoba PNP Funds Requirement

Settlement Funds are the recommended minimum amount of money that an applicant must have in order to support yourself and your family. All applicants should have CAD $10,000 plus CAD $2,000 for spouse and each accompanying dependant.The applicant must not borrow this money from anyone and this should be readily available to you. The settlement funds are required as per the program pathway you are applying for and the size of your family members.

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Below table mentions the settlement funds that are required to show by the potential migrants when applying for  Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.

Number of Family Members Funds Required in Canadian dollars
6-month LICO Requirement 12-month LICO Requirement
1 12,669 25,338
2 15,772 31,544
3 19,390 38,780
4 23,542 47,084
5 26,701 53,402
6 30,114 60,228
7 33,528 67,056
For each additional family member 3,414 6,828

Remember, a minute mistake can decrease your Canada PR chances!

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General Frequently Asked Questions

If My Application is Refused After I have Received and Responded to a PAN, Can I Submit Additional Information for Reconsideration After the Decision?

No further consideration will be given to an application after the decision date. Any information submitted to the MPNP-B regarding a declined application will be returned

If My Application has been Refused Due to the Identification of Falsified Documents, Misrepresentation or Concealment of Material Facts can I Re-Apply?

Now, you will not be eligible to re-apply for two years from the date of the decline letter.

If my Application was Refused, Because I Could not Respond Manitoba Authority Requirements with in Time Frame, Can I Re-Apply to the MPNP?

No you will not allow to re- apply to MNP nomination before the period of one year from the date on the refusal letter.

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