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Canada Express Entry Requirements in 2021

Canada Express Entry System is an unbiased and fair point-based system, that’s specifically designed to manage the permanent residency applications of Canada. Prior to January 2015, Canada invited skilled professionals as permanent residents through a manual quota-based system, but, unfortunately, that system had several loopholes and was very time-consuming.

It’s the main reason why IRCC introduced Express Entry, that is more of an electronic system, that judges the application for Canada's Permanent Resident, on the basis of certain benchmarks such as the age, work experience, education, language proficiency, adaptability, arranged employment, CRS scores and so on.

When it comes to Canada’s permanent residency, the Express Entry is one of the most sought-after programs, and is one of the top choice for immigrants, who wish to work and live in Canada on a permanent basis.

The major economic categories include Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP), Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) and Canadian Experience Class (CEC). To register under any of the categories, one has to apply online on the IRCC portal, submit the Expression of Interest (EOI) and meet the Express Entry Canada Requirements.

At the time of submitting the profile, an applicant needs to provide information according to the credentials which includes age, educational qualification, relevant work experience, language proficiency, connections in Canada and many more. You just need to score 67 points out of 100 points, order to be eligible to apply under the Express Entry Program.

Before starting your Express Entry Process, you must have a clear understanding of the Express Entry Canada requirements.

Express Entry Canada Requirement Form

The six factors that determine the eligibility of a candidate according to the Canada Express Entry Program.

  • Age Factor:
    The candidates between the age group Is 18-46 years can apply for Canada Permanent Residency via the Express Entry Program. If you’re age between 18- 35, you will be awarded maximum Federal points 12. However in CRS point of view you can get maximum CRS score 110 CRS till the age of 29 years. It is because of the fact that Canada is the largest countries that’s always scrounges for the skilled professionals, who can contribute to their economic growth. This maple country is always ready to welcome the young and experienced professional with open arms.
  • Educational Qualification:
    If you're a skilled or well qualified overseas professional, who has completed education outside Canada, then there is a need to provide and showcase your ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) report, from an approved authority such as the WES,IQAS ICES the concerned authorities along with the application form. ECA is a valid proof that your current education is equivalent to the Canadian Education requirements. Having a doctorate or a master’s degree can help you earn 150 CRS score & 25 FSW points. Check Your Education Equivalency
  • Total Work Experience:
    Only educational qualification is not enough, if you want to move to Canada on a permanent basis. The Canadian Government always scrounges for the individuals who’re skilled and experienced, and are capable of contributing in the country’s economy. So, if you want to get Canada’s PermanentResidence, you must have a relevant experience of one year in any skilled occupation listed In the Canada’s National Occupational List (NOC) List. However you will get 15 FSW points on the basis of 6 year's experience on the contrary, you will have 50 CRS on the basis of 3 years’ experience. Check your Experience in Demand
  • Language Proficiency Skills:
    It's almost impossible to survive in a new country, if you’re not aware of language that’s spoken there. You all might be aware that Canada is a bilingual country with two official languages, English and French. So, it’s of utmost importance to be proficient in any of the one. Moreover, being proficient in both can help in additional points in the CRS Calculator. For this, you need to appear in any of the tests be it IELTS (for English)or TEF (For French) and meet the threshold set by the concerned authorities. The maximum points for language proficiency points are 28 & 136 in FSW & CRS respectively.
  • Connections in Canada:
    If you talk about having connections in Canada, it’s not mandatory that everyone have their connections there. So, it’s not a major factor, but having a connection is just like the cherry on the cake, that can amp up your 5 scores in the 67-point assessment grid. If you’ve any sibling residing in Canada, then you will earn additional 15 CRS points. Reunite with your family, and live the life you want right there in your dream country.
  • Arranged Employment:
    Though it is not a mandatory factor, but having a valid job offer In your hands, can help you earn 10 more points in the 67 point-assessment grid. So, a good news for the ones who’ve a valid job offer in skilled type O, A or B jobs in Canada and validate by LMIA (Labour market impact assessment) the ones with this advantage (200 CRS score) have a greater chance of getting Canada’s Permanent Residence, that too with great ease.
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Canada Express Entry – The Excellent Choice to Settle in Canada

Express Entry gives you a golden opportunity to get a job in Canada through its job bank. It is an initiative that’s taken by the Canadian Government, to provide employment. The whole system is transparent as it’s a point-based system to select the foreign skilled workers.

The other reason why Canada Express Entry is an excellent choice is because you can also be selected by the provinces and territories and get recruited. It is the fastest trackways that takes 6-8 months if you want to get hold of the Permanent Residency Visa without any hitch.

No red Tapism, as the whole process is online.

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