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Canada PR Eligibility

The Canada PR visa is a permanent residence visa for foreign skilled workers which allow you to live and work in Canada for five years. Do you know Canada is welcoming 3,20,0000 migrants in Canada till 2023.

Canada seeks to attract highly skilled or talented persons to settle in Canada in order to enhance Canada's economic competitiveness.
In order to be eligible for Canada PR visa, all applicants must satisfy all of the following requirements

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The applicant must be aged 18 or above but below 49 years at the time of submission of application.

Basic Educational Qualification:-

The applicant must have Canadian or equivalent to Canada standard qualification from a recognized university/ institution. Qualification specialization requirements may vary as per NOC code.

If you wish to claim points for your qualification for Canada PR visa, you need to provide documentary evidence that your qualification is comparable to a recognised Canada Qualification and that it is of the required standard.

Work Experience:-

You need at least 12-months full-time, continuous relevant work experience in the NOC skills set O, A & B over the 10-year period before the date of your apply Canada PR visa application.
Please note:some occupations required specific educations or license so please check here before initiating Canada PR visa process.

Check skilled occupation list Canada


In order to apply Canada PR visa, you will need to make sure your occupation must be listed on the skilled occupation list Canada
Important: Not all occupations have same requirements in term of number of years’ experience, educations specific requirements, English language requirements.

Please note: We are unable to provide specific advice around this occupation list. Please contact the our immigration expert for your case specific requirements for further information.

Communication Skills:-

All the applicant intent to apply Canada PR visa must have an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score of at least (minimum) six in each band score. Certain occupations require a higher standard of English

Alternative English language tests are accepted. Applicants can obtain the IELTS equivalent in any of the following Citizenship immigration Canada accepted language tests:

  • TEF
  • TCF

Please note:- if you are not having 6bands in each module, you need not to worry, still you can apply Canada PR visa through various Canada PNP program for more detail contact our immigration expert.

Settlement Funds:-

When you are planning to migrate to Canada you need to ensure that you have enough funds available for you and any family members who are dependent on you. Canada settlement funds requirements are in place to ensure you can support yourself and your family before you find work.
The amount of money you need to support your family depends on the size of your family. To calculate the size of your family you must include

  • Yourself
  • Your spouse or partner
  • Your dependent children

Include your spouse or dependent children even if they’re permanent residents or Canadian citizens not coming to Canada with you

See the table below for minimum required financial resources for visa nomination.

Number of Persons in HouseholdFunds Required (in Canadian dollars)
One person $12,475
Two people $15,531
Three people $19,093
Four people $23,181
Five people $26,292
Six people $29,652
Seven people $33,014