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Spouses and Cohabiting Partners

If you are having a spouse or partner in similar terms living in Denmark, then you may qualify for a Residence permit in Denmark under the rules as defined under family reunification.

This is to take a special note here, that 'spouse' is used as an umbrella term for both spouse and cohabiting partner. 'Marriage' is used as an umbrella term for both marriage and permanent cohabitation. With few exceptions, the same rules apply for both spouses and cohabiting partners.

Check your Eligibility

Requirements For Denmark Spouse Visa:

You and your spouse/partner need to be:

  • Spouses/partners of foreign nationals holding a residence permit in Denmark for the purpose of work or study.
  • Spouses/partners of citizens of Nordic countries, EU/EEA countries or Switzerland.
  • Spouses/partners applying for family reunification with a Danish citizen under EU law.

Requirements For Family Reunification With a Spouse/Partner:

There are a number of requirements that must normally be met in order for you to be granted family reunification. There are requirements relating to both spouses as well as specific requirements relating to each of the two spouses. There are also requirements relating to the marriage. Call our Denmark Immigration Experts today to know more in this regard.

Requirements Relating to You and Your Spouse/Partner:

  • You must both be at least 24 years of age.
  • Your combined attachment to Denmark must be greater than your combined attachment to any other country.
  • You both must sign a declaration that you will both contribute actively to the applicant (and any accompanying children) learning Danish and integrating into Danish society to the best of his/her ability.
  • You (the applicant) must pass a Danish as a second language test within six months of being granted residence.

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