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Canada CRS Points Calculator 2021

Comprehensive Ranking System, popularly known as Canada CRS Points Calculator 2021 is a tool that will help you to calculate your scores according to your skills, educational qualifications, language ability, skilled work experience and other related factors. It is a point's based system that access and score your profile and ranked it in the Express Entry Pool. As per the Canada CRS Points Calculator, points will be given out of 1200 points where including core points for up to 600 and a set of additional points up to 600 points.

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A. Core / Human Capital Factors
Factors Points per factor - With a spouse or common-law partner Points per factor - Without a spouse or common-law partner
Age 100 110
Level of education 140 150
Official languages proficiency 150 160
Canadian work experience 70 80
B. Spouse or common-law partner factors
Factors Points per factor(Maximum 40 points)
Level of education 10
Official language proficiency 20
Canadian Work Experience 10
Total = A. Core/human capital + B. Spouse or common-law partner factors = Maximum 500 points (with OR without a spouse or common-law partner)
C. Skill Transferability factors (Maximum 100 points)
Education Points per factor(Maximum 50 points)
With good/strong official languages proficiency and a post-secondary degree 50
With Canadian work experience and a post-secondary degree 50
Foreign work experience Points per factor(Maximum 50 points)
With good/strong official languages proficiency (Canadian Language Benchmark [CLB] level 7 or higher) and foreign work experience 50
With Canadian work experience and foreign work experience 50
Certificate of qualification (for people in trade occupations) Points per factor (Maximum 50 points)
With good/strong official languages proficiency and a certificate of qualification 50
Total = A. Core/human capital + B. Spouse or common-law partner + C. Transferability factors = Maximum 600 points
D. Additional points (Maximum 600 points)
Factors Maximum points per factor
Brother or sister living in Canada (citizen or permanent resident) 15
French language skills 30
Post-secondary education in Canada 30
Arranged employment 200
PN nomination 600
Total = A. Core/human capital + B. Spouse or common-law partner factors + C. Transferability factors + D. Additional points = Grand total – Maximum 1,200 points

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Canada Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Calculator 2021
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1) What is your marital status?

1) i. Is your spouse or common-law partner a citizen or permanent resident of Canada?

1) ii. Will your spouse or common-law partner come with you to Canada?

2) How old are you?

Choose the best answer:

If you’ve been invited to apply, enter your age on the date you were invited.


If you plan to complete an Express Entry profile, enter your current age.

3) What is your level of education?

Enter the highest level of education for which you:

earned a Canadian degree, diploma or certificate


had an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) if you did your study outside Canada. (ECAs must be from an approved agency, in the last five years)

4) Official languages: Canada's official languages are English and French.

You need to submit language test results that are less than two years old for all programs under Express Entry, even if English or French is your first language.





5) Work Experience

6) Do you have a certificate of qualification from a Canadian province, territory or federal body?

7) Do you have a valid job offer supported by a Labour Market Impact Assessment (if needed)?

8) Do you have a nomination certificate from a province or territory?

9) What is the highest level of education for which your spouse or common-law partner's has:

Calculate Your Score As Per The Latest Canada CRS Calculator 2021

If you want to obtain a Canada PR visa in 2021, it is very important to calculate the Canada CRS score with the help of Canada CRS Calculator 2021 well in advance, so that there is no hassle at a later stage. The Express Entry points calculator or the Canada CRS Points Calculator offers you the detail about how many points you can earn for each factor of your profile that is:

  • Core Human Capital Factors
  • Spouse/Common-law Partner Factors
  • Skill Transferability Factors
  • Additional Factors

Each factor has its own CRS points which are allowed to the express entry profile of the candidate. As per the above mention factors, the set of questions is being asked to the applicants and assist them to know their CRS score for Canada immigration.

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