Aptech visa reviews

Aptech Visa Reviews

Mandeep Singh Siyan
Sat, Jul 27 2019
Aptech visa reviews
Dear Monika

I would like to give my feedback regarding the services that I have been getting from Aptech visa . I have received my positive IQAS report and felt fortunate that Ms. Monika  was very helpful in my application process till now and gave me prompt response regarding all my queries. Very much satisfied with the service that I got till now and  also hope to look forward for your help in my future process.

Thanks and Regards,
Vivek Agarwal
Fri, Jul 26 2019
Aptech visa reviews
At the onset I would like to mention that you (Mrs. Monika) had been really helpful overall the journey of getting the skilled assessment cleared. While there were some few hiccups faced during the course, finally we did achieve the goal.
Case officer has been proactively speaking to me on all the document requirements and explaining me the process very well. She has been an amazing person throughout the journey. I would look forward to continue the journey with her and obtain the PR at the earliest.
Kanishka Ajit Salunkhe
Thu, Jul 25 2019
Aptech visa reviews
I had applied for a short stay tourist visa and it got rejected by the Australian High Commission. It was refused on the grounds of not giving enough reason to return to India. Then, I took help from Aptech Global Immigration Services. They heard my case and reassured me to give a full try for reapplication. They helped me in getting my documents in order and guidance regarding which documents to be provided. Finally one day before my scheduled departure, I got my Visa granted for one year, multiple reentry.
Thank you Team Aptechvisa.
Vandana Mahajan
Thu, Jul 25 2019
Aptech visa reviews
Dear Monika,

Thank you for helping and making the whole process understandable and simple. The clear way you presented till ECA should help to speed the process quickly. I really enjoyed working with you. Thank you so much, your assistance really made a difference. I would love to be associated with Aptechvisa to get my PR visa.
Looking forward for the same amount of enthusiasm and interest shown till the end.
Sat, Jul 24 2019
Aptech visa reviews
I would like to thank each memeber of Aptech Global Immigration Services who has helped me out for approval of my New Zealand PR visa application. My whole process was full of dedication and I am very much satisfied with the service that I got from my consultant.  I am being advised correctly at every stage and help is being offered in getting the issues resolved. All this happened just because of the hard work done by my case officer, other team members, their seniors and all who were involved in my process.
Sundeep Atre
Wed, Jul 24 2019
Aptech visa reviews
Firstly, I’d like to congratulate team Aptechvisa for all their hard work in making this PR application a success.
It has been a pleasure working with them and they have made the process easier through various stages. They are competent, professional, flexible, and extremely quick to understand what is required and how to implement it.

I’m incredibly impressed with Aptech Global. Special thanks to Mrs. Monika as well who has promptly answered my queries during the process and always been patient, helpful and cleared all my doubts I appreciate her diligence, organizational skills and ability to communicate any updates  whenever required, and used to take follow up time to time.
I am very happy with the outcome of my case and aptech team helped me along the way. Your services were excellent. The friendliness and courtesy of you and your staff was outstanding. The service exceeded our expectations. Congrats for the positive result and best wishes for the future!  I’m satisfied with the services I have received so far.
Mandeep Singh
Aptech visa reviews
Hi, I am mandeep Singh.

I am really glad to share my experience with aptechvisa till my ECA report.
Choosing the correct consultant is the most important step because there are so many fake and fraud consultants out there.
I have talked to so many consultants but they were not as convincing as Aptech Visa is Due to my busy schedule they cooperated with me and i had so many queries which they solved very clearly and patiently.
I was also facing issues in arranging transcript with one of my university aptech suggested me the best options to sought it out. Finally I got my positive ECA Report.
Aptech services are really good. 
Priya Ranjit Nair
Aptech visa reviews
I would like to thank Aptech Visa for their wonderful guidance. When I decided to move to canada permanently, I started searching for the agencies who can give the best assistance regarding canada PR.
So one of my friend refered us about Aptech, so I decided to start my Canada PR process with aptechvisa after hearing such a good feedback about Aptech Visa. Initially they checked all my points and CRS to check if i am eligible for the canada PR or not...luckily i was eligible to start with the further process...
Then they started my process and after some time I got my positive ECA report from WES with the help of Aptech.
Thank you Aptech Visa for your help and support.
Krishna Kumari Duggirala
Aptech visa reviews
Thank you so much aptechvisa for guiding me through canada PR process and helping me in completing my ECA. You have been so approachable and solving all my queries with great patience also being so transparent and clear in all your policies.
Thanks for the timely updates you have been providing on Express Entry draws. I am looking forward for your continuous support from you for filing my PR application for canada.
I wish you and me good luck.
Aptech visa reviews
Hi Aptechvisa and Team,

We are feeling good to receive the Interest of Notification from Ontario. We were eagerly waiting for it and Let's look forward for the invitation and the PR now then we will be super happy. And I am happy that you (Monika) is working hard for us. I appreciate that and feeling comfortable for being associated with Aptechvisa.


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