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Sabarinathan Chennai
aptech Global Immigration Complaints and  Reviews

Hi Ekashi and Palak,
Thanks for all the support and guidance shown till now on the process of Immigration . Every time whenever we had doubts and clarification you were there to help us. Myself and my spouse together apperciate the passion and commitment you have been showing all through out the process. We were very clear till now what ever the guidance shown in the process.Expecting the same support and guidance in the future too Thanks,

Ismail Ashraf Mubarack
aptech Global Immigration Complaints and  Reviews
Hi Neha  & Abha,
I appreciate your efforts on guiding me to this point. My overall experience with Aptech till now was fantastic and hope to have the same till the end. Neha, you have been really helpful, Your Prompt replies and clear guidance helped me to reach this point. Thanks a lot.
Best Regards,
Ravi Kumar Pandey New Delhi
aptech Global Immigration Complaints and  Reviews
Dear Neha,
I would like to thank you for the services extended so far. Company Services is upto the satisfactoy level so far. As on date the compnay has standed upto their agreed terms and conditions. Consultation extended by the APTECH is marvelous. Since my initial conversation with the company, the company has keep the word it has given. During the process of ECA, you have guided me about the Transcript Process which has helped me to get it from my University. As my Case Officer I am thankful for your guidance and support. I expect my aim to Canada will definately be fulfilled under the great guidance of APTECH GLOBAL and with your support.
Mallikarjun Bangalore
aptech Global Immigration Complaints and  Reviews
Hi Neha & Aanchal,
After paying fee initially i found it difficult to get what the process is, and i was also kind of unsettled because of personal problems and was finding it very difficult to follow and know whats the next process, but later once things settled from my side things were back on track. Neha with whom i am working is very helpful and providing updates on time. Got updates on time, got to know the process and next steps. and quite clear about what to do. And hope full of getting the next steps done with out any issues.I have recommended this to my friends as well.

Sridhar Ningegowda Bangalore
aptech Global Immigration Complaints and  Reviews

      Hi Neha & Palak,
To start with, it's been a good experience working with a bunch of well experienced team in aptech. It's been an awesome working with you, in terms of updates, solving queries @ any point of time. You are soo cordial, soft spoken. Hope the same coordination till the end of the process, as you know I have shared all my views over the call on how much importance this PR visa filing is for me. 

Jatin Uttreja Saudi Arab
aptech Global Immigration Complaints and  Reviews
Dear Ekashi and Neha,
Thank you for giving the way to my Canada immigration process. I sincerely appreciate the time you spent reviewing my career goals and recommending strategies for achieving them. Your advice was very helpful and gave me new perspective opportunity. I especially appreciate your offer to connect me and help to get immigration for CANADA. Again, thank you so much for your help. I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided me.

Vijay Kumar Gowda Bangalore
aptech Global Immigration Complaints and  Reviews
Hi Neha & Palak,
First of all I would like to thank you for taking up our case.
Its been a great experience working with you as you have been very very informative and clear in making us understand the inputs thats required for the consulate. The way you have been acknowledging every step is very satisfactory. Every time whenever I have had queries and call you, you have been very prompt in answering all my queries. The availability of you during business hours has to be really appreciated as there has been no delay in answering or receiving the call.
Thanks for the the good work done till now. I wish you all the best for your future endeavours.

Rajiv Kargotra, Gurgaon
aptech Global Immigration Complaints and  Reviews
Dear  Aptech Global,
This is rajiv here , as I opted Aptech global services for immigration for my immigrate process , I would like share my experience that No doubt, it really a good opportunity for me to work with Aptech Global Team  and you help me  a lot. You are so humble, soft spoken and always encourage to do more. Nevertheless, i really appreciate your kindness and gentle and such a wonderful services you are giving.  I already recommended Aptech Global to my  friends. 
Happy to work with you....!!
Wish you continue the same in future
Thanks and Regards,
Rajat Kumar Gurgaon
aptech Global Immigration Complaints and  Reviews
Hi Ekashi / Aanchal,
Dear Aptech Global I would like to share my experience with Aanchal & Ekashi towards my Canada PR visa.
• Aanchal & Ekashi was very helpful in providing the correct information. Whenever any requirement of providing any document has come from Embassy, it was shared with us without any delay so that we can arrange the same.
• During the PR processing, in every stage, whatever process was there, it was explained in an elaborative way. If due to some issue we were not able to provide the documents, we were provided with an alternative way for the same to get it done.
• Ekashi was always very easily reachable whenever help was needed and provided right guidance on the same. And very supportive and don’t hesitate to provide same information over and over again when requested.
• If at times some information is not available with the consultant, then they check with their supervisor to provide right information rather than giving wrong information. I definitely recommend to Aptech Global with anyone looking Canada Immigration Thanks Aptech / Ekashi / Aanchal,

Jithin Jose Chennai
aptech Global Immigration Complaints and  Reviews
Dear Neha & Neetu,
It is a pleasure working with Aptech and specially would like to thank to Neetu for your initially guidance and my experience with Neha was awesome she is appointed as my case officer. You guys have been really helpful in giving out the required information's for preparing the documents for the PR filing. It was definitely with her help I was able to complete the documentations in an expedited manner. I am happy with the services of the company till this point of PR filing. 

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