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Aptech visa reviews

Aptech Visa Reviews

Rajiv Kargotra, Gurgaon
Aptech visa reviews
Dear  Aptech Global,
This is rajiv here , as I opted Aptech global services for immigration for my immigrate process , I would like share my experience that No doubt, it really a good opportunity for me to work with Aptech Global Team  and you help me  a lot. You are so humble, soft spoken and always encourage to do more. Nevertheless, i really appreciate your kindness and gentle and such a wonderful services you are giving.  I already recommended Aptech Global to my  friends. 
Happy to work with you....!!
Wish you continue the same in future
Thanks and Regards,
Rajat Kumar Gurgaon
Aptech visa reviews
Hi Ekashi / Aanchal,
Dear Aptech Global I would like to share my experience with Aanchal & Ekashi towards my Canada PR visa.
• Aanchal & Ekashi was very helpful in providing the correct information. Whenever any requirement of providing any document has come from Embassy, it was shared with us without any delay so that we can arrange the same.
• During the PR processing, in every stage, whatever process was there, it was explained in an elaborative way. If due to some issue we were not able to provide the documents, we were provided with an alternative way for the same to get it done.
• Ekashi was always very easily reachable whenever help was needed and provided right guidance on the same. And very supportive and don’t hesitate to provide same information over and over again when requested.
• If at times some information is not available with the consultant, then they check with their supervisor to provide right information rather than giving wrong information. I definitely recommend to Aptech Global with anyone looking Canada Immigration Thanks Aptech / Ekashi / Aanchal,

Jithin Jose Chennai
Aptech visa reviews
Dear Neha & Neetu,
It is a pleasure working with Aptech and specially would like to thank to Neetu for your initially guidance and my experience with Neha was awesome she is appointed as my case officer. You guys have been really helpful in giving out the required information's for preparing the documents for the PR filing. It was definitely with her help I was able to complete the documentations in an expedited manner. I am happy with the services of the company till this point of PR filing. 

Ankit Sikka New Delhi
Aptech visa reviews
Hello Neetu and Ekashi,
Recently,It have been immense pleasure to work with Ekashi (how she has guided me in and out ) through phase by phase in understanding the whole process of canada immigration. Till now i am totally satisfy with job doing as i am being updated on performance , documentation , requirement all aspects indulge in the process.. Ekashi has been a tremendous associate in her job work as she was engaged in every new updates , documentation , buildng points , adverse knowledge of the ECA and other steps that we need make understand from her...She is the CHAMP.

Rajendra Mohnani Bangalore
Aptech visa reviews
Hi Neha, Damanjit
Recently, I've been interested in exploring opportunities outside of the country and that got me in touch with Aptech Global. So far the experience with them has been phenomenal. The people are incredibly professional, polite, courteous, knowledgeable and very patient. My Consultants (Damanjit and Neha) were very helpful in every step of the way so far - offering impeccable advice at key moments, providing regular updates, even offering those patient and polite nudges when I slack off from time to time. I have recommended Aptech Global's services to several friends and I would like to recommend it too to anyone who is reading this. All the best.
Abhishek Pune
Aptech visa reviews
Hi Neha,
Aptech global services are very good.Its great experience with Aptech. Consultants are polite and patient. They listen carefully and provide precise answer.I received excellent professional advice about my application. All my queries were answered in an excellent way. I am happy to recommend Aptech for best immigration service. Wish you guys all the best.
Jitender Purohit Delhi
Aptech visa reviews
Hi Neha & Shilpa,
I have applied for the Canadian Express Entry program through Aptech Visas. My Case officer is Ms. Neha and she has an excellent knowledge about the whole immigration process. The services and guidance provided have been very helpful and professional till now and I expect it to be in positive way going forward also with the same amount of efforts which have been put in by them till now.

Ganesh Chennai.
Aptech visa reviews
Hi Ekashi & Nima,
I take this opportunity to thank APTECH for providing excellent services to clients throughout PAN India.I have applied for Express Entry VISA for Canada through APTECH VISA consultancy and it was pleasure to have fruitful service till date from them. My case officer is EKASHI. I got all relevant and timely information from her about the latest news of express entry through mail and phone calls. She guided me through all process from submission of educational documents, Transcripts process and ECA report. I have received positive ECA report from WES. Once again I would like to congratulate APTECH for their valuable services and keep continuing with your good work.

Prasanna Krishnan Chennai
Aptech visa reviews
Hello Neha & Shilpa,
As always thanks for your support. I am totally satisfied about the service given by Aptech Global towards my requirement for applying PR for Canada. Aptech Global has created its own Documentation checklist which was very simple for me to understand and i got my ECA report on time without any delay. My case office Ms. Neha is so co-operative and supportive in terms for giving proper guidance and support on timely manner. Thanks,
Jacob Kedari Pune
Aptech visa reviews
Hello Neha & Nima,
I have had great experience of dealing with you and your team. APTECH Folks (Neha, Nima and whomever i have spoken to) have always supported and answered all my queries. The information provided has always been helpful enough and guided me correctly. If it was to rate your team I would give 5 out of 5 rating without a second thought, keep up the good work and appreciate all your efforts for my PR work. I hope to get similar help further as we proceed ahead with my PR.

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