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Aptech visa reviews

Aptech Visa Reviews

Shivani Dalal
Aptech visa reviews
Hello Mrs. Monika,

First of all I would like to thank you for being so persistent in your guidance. I really appreciate how patiently you used to answer all my queries throughout this ECA process. I am thankful to you. You are an amazing advisor with a great sense of professionalism.

May you achieve great heights in your career. 
I am Happy to be associated with you and with aptech global. 

Looking forward to the same. 
Thanks and regards,
Shivani Dalal
Manish Dadhwal
Aptech visa reviews
Hi Aptech ,

I would like to show my sincere thanks to your company for helping me with immigration process.

I must add the level of professionalism I found within your employees are satisfactory and looking forward to continue my remaining immigration process with same type of dedication.
Thanks and regards
Manish Dadhwal
Harminder Singh
Aptech visa reviews
 Dear Aptech global,

The experience with you Team Aptech and especially with Mrs Monika and her team has been wonderful till now.
She and her colleagues have been prompt in providing solution to a query raised by me or my wife at any point in time. Their conduct has been thoroughly professional and par exvellence.

We will be grateful to them if they continue to support us in the same manner they have been supporting and help us in achieving our ultimate goal.

Once again, a big thank you to Aptech and team.
Aptech visa reviews
Hi Mrs. Monika,

Thanks for all the help. Your follow ups and guidance are helping me immensively even though I stucked with my daily job activities that I am doing. Aptech is providing me the rightful help and choices to fullfill my career growth. Hope to continue the same till I achieve my destination.

Thankyou again to all of us who partnered with me from the beginning till now. 

Aptech visa reviews
Hi Aptech,

Thanks for sending me this email. 
I will like to tell the overall service from Aptech global until now is excellent. Case Manger is knowledgeable and very much helpful. I got my ECA with positive feedback and now waiting for my spouse  ECA to be done.
At the beginning i was in dual mind whether should i go a head with your consultancy. But now with the approach and with the smooth process which is under going till now ,  bought me  confident that you guys will be able to help me in achieving my dreams soon. 
Hoping the same will continue till the end until i get my Canada - PR and Job. 

Omkar Warkar
Aptech visa reviews
Hello Team ,
I am halfway through the process of getting my PR and my experience with Aptech so far has been quite satisfying.
Aptech has maintained due diligence in all the processes followed and my Case manager - Monika has shown exceptional conviction  in answering all my queries .

She took a regular follow up of all my tasks and patiently answered all my concerns .
Even my WES verification was successfully completed without any hurdles .
She has always been courteous and polite in her explanation and I felt quite comfortable in discussing all aspects of my case with her .

I really appreciate the process flow put across by Aptech, which ensures that the candidate is well appraised about his current status in the PR process.
I am sure I will get the same support henceforth as well .
Aptech visa reviews
Hi Manpreet,

I would love to share the professional bonding between your team and patience that you guys carry for your client's success is commendable.

I appreciate your knowledge and expertise on the immigration rules and regulations and an attitude to make your client's success as yours is beyond words. I am sure that very soon you will reach high.

I hope by next year with your efforts i will be able to fly overseas for PR.
Let's keep walking towards our goal.

Aptech visa reviews
Dear Aptech, 

Thank you for the positive ECA result. Well my feedback for your services is spectacular. Mrs. Monika and Aptech team are very responsive and have always taken time to give me clarity whenever the need arises.
So am really happy with you two. I hope and pray that I get a provincial nomination and subsequently the chance to move to Canada with my family. But for now, I am happy with the decision that I made when I procured your services.

Depinder Singh
Aptech visa reviews
Hi Team,

I hope you are doing well.
At the outset, would like to thank Aptech Visa for standing by the commitment to see through the whole Canada immigration ECA process. We are happy and glad for working on the application as one team in the entire cycle despite challenges beyond your control. 

Your timely action, prompt response and professional approach is truly commendable and appreciated and believe these will drive the team and the organization consistently in future. Also, i am happy to have referred 3 of our family members.

Special thanks to case manager Mrs. Monika and her team for driving our application in the whole process and patiently answering our queries and assisting us with documentation etc. 

All in all, GREAT TEAM..!!! Hope you will continue to serve with the same enthusiasm and honesty in future.

Depinder Singh
Jitendra Kumar Bhalla
Aptech visa reviews
Hello Aptech and Team

I am writing this mail as i have been asked to share my feedback till the ECA processing in regard to my immigration application. we are pleased to be connected to Aptech for our goals.
Aptech is a thoroughly professional consultancy, one that I would trust without hesitation. We chose them for their industry expertise.
The careful, measured assessment of applicants profiles makes it stand out from many consultants. I recommend Aptech’s services as dependable and spl. thanks & regard to my case officer for her patience and for her support I received till date , I am happy and I will definitely refer others to your organisation who are interested in Abroad planning , So far my journey is too good and appreciable with your support,and with your  habit i.e. you never hesitated to respond the queries. 
lastly i hope for the further positiveness in future regarding my PR process.

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