Canberra Matrix Invitation Round: 5 April 2023

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) issued 2217 nomination to overseas & onshore applicants under its various stream. Where 1557 Nomination issued to Overseas applicants under the visa sub classes 190 and 491 and 660 Invitation issued to Canberra resident

Please find Canberra Matrix Invitation Round below

Canberra residents

Matrix nominating Small Business Owners

  1. 190 nominations: 11 invitations
  2. 190 minimum matrix score: 70
  3. 491 nominations: 3 invitations
  4. 491 minimum matrix score: 60

Matrix nominating 457 / 482 visa holders

  1. 190 nominations: 7 invitations
  2. 491 nominations: 1 invitation

Matrix nominating Critical Skill Occupation

  1. 190 nominations: 281 invitations
  2. 491 nominations: 227 invitations

Overseas applicants

Matrix nominating Critical Skill Occupations:

  1. 190 nominations: 154 invitations*
  2. 491 nominations: 1,403 invitations*

What are the occupations are in demand in Canberra (ACT)?

The Canberra has demand list known as ACT Critical Skills List, it is a list of occupations that are in high demand in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and are therefore given priority for ACT nomination for skilled migration. The list is regularly reviewed and updated by the ACT government to reflect the current needs of the ACT's labor market. Please find the ACT critical (occupation) list.

To be eligible for ACT nomination under the Critical Skills List, an applicant must have an occupation that is listed on the list and meet the other eligibility criteria for the ACT nomination program. Applicants who have an occupation on the Critical Skills List may be eligible for a higher ranking on the Canberra Matrix, which can increase their chances of receiving an invitation to apply for ACT nomination.

It's important to note that the ACT Critical Skills List is not the same as the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) or the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL) used by the Australian government for skilled migration purposes. The ACT Critical Skills List is specific to the ACT and is used to determine which occupations are given priority for ACT nomination.

How many points do you need for Canberra state nomination?

Minimum points required for applying ACT Nomination must be 60. However The minimum points required to be considered for ACT nomination depend on the occupation and the demand for that occupation in the ACT. In general, a higher score on the Canberra Matrix increases the chances of receiving an invitation for ACT nomination. However, there is no fixed minimum score that guarantees an invitation for ACT nomination.

In addition to meeting the points requirement, applicants must also meet other eligibility criteria, such as having a genuine commitment to living and working in the ACT, and having the skills and experience required for the nominated occupation.

It's important to note that receiving an invitation for ACT nomination does not guarantee the grant of an Australian visa, as the final decision rests with the Department of Home Affairs.

How to calculate Canberra matrix?

The Canberra Matrix is a points-based system used by the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) government to select skilled migrants who are interested in living and working in Canberra. The points are awarded for factors such as age, English language proficiency, work experience, qualifications, and ties to Canberra, such as family or previous studies.

To calculate your score on the Canberra Matrix, you can use the Matrix calculator

How much is Canberra nomination fee?

Canberra nomination fee is AUD $300 service and it is non-refundable fee

When The next invitation round will be held ?

The Canberra next invitation round will be held before 5 May 2023. ACT government usually publishes information about upcoming invitation rounds on its website and social media channels, so it's a good idea to keep an eye on those sources for the latest news and updates.

It's important to note that invitation rounds for ACT nomination can be unpredictable, as they depend on factors such as the number of available nomination places, the demand for specific skills in the ACT, and the number of applicants with high scores on the Canberra Matrix. So, while it's important to stay informed about upcoming invitation rounds, there is no guaranteed timeline or schedule for when invitations will be issued.

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