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Understanding Canada PNP Program 2019-2020

Canada has been the most preferable country for Indians to migrate for study, living, working, investing from the past decades. Due to its open, accepting and welcoming nature every year, thousands of Indians settled in Canada for the betterment of their life. The Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) enable Canadian regions and territories to select people who wish to move to Canada and who are keen on settling in a specific province.

Quebec has its own criteria for nominating candidates and rest of the provinces have some common required criteria. Also, major streams of PNP are aligned with federal  Express Entry. If you are a skilled worker, international graduate or business professional then you apply for Canada PNP Visa From India. You can also sponsor your family members.  Click here to know which pnp is open?

canada provincial nominee program

Canada Provincial Nominee Program 2019?

All provinces of Canada (except Quebec) have their provincial nominee program of selecting candidates for provincial immigration. PNPs are fast-tracked immigration process for settling in a particular interested province. Provincial government selects skilled workers, international graduates, semi-skilled workers, entrepreneurs, investors under different streams. Each stream of PNPs have their own required eligibility criteria to nominate candidates.

Eligibility of Saskatchewan PNP(SINP)

Under Saskatchewan PNP program, the candidate is required to score a minimum 4.5 bands in their IELTS. The Score of Lowest Ranked Candidate to Apply 69 (Latest Cut-off) Points for Both category Express Entry and occupation in Demand.Free PNP Asseement Form

Eligibility of Alberta PNP(AINP)

Under Alberta PNP Program, the applicants are required to score a minimum of 6 bands in IELTS to increase their CRS score with 400(Latest Cut-off) and above.Free PNP Asseement Form

Eligibility of Manitoba PNP(MPNP)

In process of Manitoba PNP, you need to score at least 5 bands in IELTS in each module of Listening, speaking, reading and writing. Ranking score of lowest-ranked candidate invited: 739(Latest Cut-off).Free PNP Asseement Form

Express Entry PNP

While applying for a new Express Entry application you can indicate a provincial interest. The benefit of this is you will get additional points for being nominated by a province. This will directly increase your chance. (Calculate your Express Entry Points) first
If you want to know more information about a specific provincial program you can contact our immigration experts so that they can help you in determining the right province for you according to your requirement.

Benefits of Applying to a PNP for Canada Immigration

There are number of benefits you will be privileged by the provincial government after getting a Permanent Resident Status through any program. On the basis of your PNP program, you may get more benefits:

  • You can select your desired province to settle down
  • You can apply for most  PNP programs without a job offer
  • You will get additional points depend on your area of training
  • Get nominated directly by the province instead of pool of candidates
  • Avail provincial benefits after landing in the province
  • Benefits After Getting PR Through PNPs

  • Live in Canada for indefinite time
  • Study and work anywhere in the province
  • Enrol in Canadian healthcare system to avail benefits
  • Get protection under Canadian law
  • Avail social and family security services
  • Sponsor your partner/spouse, child, parents and other relatives
  • Apply for Canadian citizenship

Eligibilities and Requirements of Canada Provincial Nominee Program

In order to immigrate to a province, one should meet with the minimum requirements criteria. Each province and territory has its own streams and criteria for their Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). These can change without notice. A candidate must fulfill all the provincial program requirements:

  • Must be greater than 21 years of age
  • Score at least minimum in the point assessment grid
  • Your job must lie in the NOC of that province
  • You should have required work experience in the relevant profession
  • Have sufficient language proficiency according to CLB and other requirements

Canada Provincial Nominee Program Documents Checklist 2019

You must make a list of documents required by the provincial government. This will help you to not get any delay of your application. Some candidates get a nomination certificate very late as they do not submit their documents on time. So, we are presenting common required documents for a PNP:

  • A signed declaration form by principal applicant and family members
  • Additional signed declaration form of your dependants
  • Documents related to your past history like past work experience letters, educational documents, identity proofs etc.
  • Documents related to your family member (parents, partner/spouse, and child)
  • Your valid travelling documents (passport, visa with valid date)
  • Proof of your language proficiency (IELTS, PTE, TOEFL etc.)
  • Civil or legal documents showing your name, father’s name, date of birth, birth place etc.
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Health related documents
  • Your recent photographs

Canada Provincial Nominee Program Fee/Cost

A fee will be applicable for each PNP program you are applying for. The PNP program will cost you CAD $550, same amount for your Permanent Resident application ($550), for medical $250, and for the Right of Permanent Residency fee it is $490. For the interim visa you will be charged $190 for each visa.
Total Cost- $1790-$1840

Provincial Nominee Program Canada Processing Time 2019

Everyday all the provinces of Canada receives thousands of application per day. Many of them got rejection to lack to documents or required eligibility. Only those candidate receives response from the province who able to proof sufficient academic, professional, business requirements.

After submitting your application to provincial government, you will not receive any reply from them up to 6 months. They will analyse each and every profile by verifying your documents. Processing times varies profile to profile, if you have done all the requirements properly then there is chance to get nomination from the province faster.

You can apply for a PNP program through non-Express Entry and Express Entry. There are two routes available to apply. Let’s discuss both of them. Apply through Express Entry: Most of the PNP streams are aligned with Express Entry system. Once you create an Express Entry profile, it will be put in the pool of candidates. If there are requirements by any province, they can choose your profile for the nomination. Once getting an Invitation to Apply (ITA) from any province or your desired province you can apply for Permanent Residency status.

Apply to a PNP directly: If you have planned or chosen a province then you can easily apply for that province. Below are the steps to apply for a province:

  • Select a provincial PNP program
  • Fulfil the eligibility criteria and fill the form
  • Get selected/nominated from that province
  • Receive a Nomination letter
  • Apply for permanent residency status in Canada to CIC.

How to Apply in Canada PNP Visa From India?

Canada has Provincial Nominee Programs which aims to nominate and select potential candidates. Provinces nominated individuals who are interested in settling in Canada permanently. Canada PNP Visa for Indians is a fast track method for obtaining  Permanent Residency in Canada from India. A plus point for Indians is, in Canada there is a majority of Indian community throughout the country. Canada has 10 provinces and all of them have immigration programs with different category. Ontario, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia are the popular provinces for Indians.

You Can apply for a PNP Visa from india very easily via express entry or directly apply to PNP Program. If you are an Indian and want to apply in PNP program for Canadian Immigration, there is province waiting for you. You can have your Canada Permanent Resident (PR) Card within months, you just need to fill our  Free Assessment Form and start the immigration process. Provinces have Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) by which they nominates potential skilled worker, international students and business professionals to fulfil their need local labor market and economy.


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