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Canada PNP Program 2021

The government of Canada has set up some of Canada PNP through which the interested candidates can experience and enjoy the paths of Canada provinces. Each Canadian provinces or territory except the province of Quebec has their own stream and eligibility criteria. A candidate has to fulfill them before migrating to particular kind of Canada province.

The Canada Provincial Nominee program is relevant for those workers who acquired suitable skills, work experience and education to contribute the specific type of province or territory economy. The aspirants who wish to stay in that province of Canada and want to become a Canada permanent Residency Apply in Canada PNP program, they may proceed further through various Canada PNP programs.

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Ontario Immigration Nominee program(OINP) 2021

The pathway by which a desirable applicant can come and enjoy the blooming locations of Ontario province of Canada is Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP). This is one of the suitable and appropriate immigration ways to get Canada PNP visa from India. By fulfilling the necessary requirements that are mentioned under the Ontario immigrant Nominee program, you can live and work permanently in Canada. Moving further, the province invites applicants under the three categories, namely, employer job offer, Human Capital and Business category. The OINP program is conducted through Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for skilled and qualified workers to meet the requirements of labor market and employment needs. +

  • Demand List of OINP
    In order to be able to immigrate to fantastic Ontario province of Canada, you need to ensure that your desired occupation must be in demand under the Ontario Occupational demand list. The province invites thousands of skilled and qualified workers to take part in the growth and development of Ontario province. The one who will be able to fulfill the labor and employment demand needs, he/she can enter into province and serve as best as possible. The main aim behind invitation of new skilled and talented workers is to get potential effective workers for building up the Ontario province of Canada.Read more
  • OINP Point Calculator
    To apply for thriving Ontario province of Canada, one must scores the required sufficient CRS scores. The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is a point based system access and ranks your profile according to express entry pool. The total CRS will be sum of your core score and additional points that you will get after being nominated by province. You will be ranked out of 1200 CRS score.

      As of now, aspirants have to obtain at least 400 CRS. These Comprehensive Ranking Scores (CRS) will be calculated upon your age, education and training, language ability score, skilled work experience and adaptability factors to Ontario labour market and employment needs.Read more
  • Document Requirement for OINP
    The main requirement to immigrate to Ontario province is to flourish your all related documents that are essential for processing your visa application. The requisite documents like identity documents, ECA (Educational Credential Assessment), English language test document, skilled employment reference letter, proof of settlements funds and documents of you family are some of the key documents that needed for the approval of your visa application. You must also provide your recent colored passport size photograph.


    There are different document criteria under the various streams of Ontario Immigrant Nominee program. One has to ensure all of them before proceed for further Ontario immigration process.Read more
  • Processing Time For OINP
    As Ontario is listed in one of beautiful provinces of Canada, it will require some time to effectively process of your PR visa. The estimated processing time for Ontario PNP is approx 3-6 months, although it may be vary from application to application, your overall immigration point score and other related factors. Thus, it is necessary to fulfill all the requirements that are raised by Ontario immigration officials to timely process your visa application. Falling this, it may be possible in delay in your Ontario immigration process.Read more
  • Notification of Interest (NOI) for OINP
    In order to being nominated from Ontario province of Canada, skilled and potential applicants have to receive a notification of Interest from Ontario government. After that the applicants will be able to get nomination points from Ontario.


    If your profile is identified in the Canada Express entry pool, you will receive a NOI in your IRCC account. But receiving a notification of interest (NOI) does not mean that you have qualified the round for any stream of Ontario province, you may need to submit an online application to the Ontario immigrant Nominee program within 45 days if you are qualified from one of express entry streams of Ontario.
  • OINP Draw List
    To give a nomination to skilled and potential applicants, OINP has come out with a latest invitation draw that will be declared from time to time. Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program, often, look for IRCC express entry pool to find those skilled applicants who will be able to meet the necessary eligibility criteria of any of streams of Ontario Express Entry immigration streams. The OINP draw is conducted on the basis of your obtained CRS (Comprehensive Ranking system) score. The OINP draw list is revealed according to requirement of labor and employment market demand of Ontario.Read more

Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program

The program through which the aspirants can enter into wonderful Saskatchewan province and take pleasure of its nature beauty is known as Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP). This is one of the most suitable province of Canada that offers an appropriate and smooth way to immigrate to Canada.
Through SINP 2021, Saskatchewan welcomes residency applications from non-Canadians who have desire to make the Saskatchewan as their home and gives nomination to successful candidates to the federal government, so that they will be able to gain chances to become Canada Permanent Residency. Desirable applicants are required to apply through Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). +

  • Demand List of Saskatchewan
    To migrate to Saskatchewan province of Canada, one has to ensure that his/her current profession must be under the demand of Saskatchewan province. It invites a variety of occupation to come and take part in growth and development of economy. The Architect, Human Resource Managers, Bakers, chefs, Carpenter are some of the occupation that are in high.Read more
  • SINP Point Calculator
    Saskatchewan province allowing skilled and qualified candidates on the basis of points scores. A minimum 60 immigration point’s score out of 100 is necessary to be eligible to get nomination from Saskatchewan province of Canada. These points are awarded based on some of key factors, namely, age, education and training, skilled work experience, language ability and adaptability factors to Saskatchewan Labour Market.
    Moreover, you need to make sure to provide all the documents needed to prove that you are eligible to apply for Saskatchewan and also meet the considerable factors. The SINP point calculator checks whether you will be able to enter into this province or not by calculating your overall immigration points.Read more
  • Document Requirement for SINP
    Before entering or migrating to Saskatchewan province of Canada, documents requirements must be fulfilled by eligible and qualified candidates. It considered as one the primary and basic requirements that are being clarified by Saskatchewan Immigration Authority.
    The qualified applicants must provide valid documents like language related credential, educational credential, a valid proof of their work experience, an authentic proof of professional status or licensure, settlements funds related documents, a valid proof of their identity and civil status documents. Further, if the candidates have a close relative living in Saskatchewan, they need to provide a valid and appropriate proof of citizenship or Permanent residency card.Read more
  • Licensing Requirement for SINP
    The licensing requirement is the essential part which needs to clarify before migrating to Saskatchewan province. If your desirable occupation is regulated and approved in Saskatchewan, then you are required to contact with its regulatory body that will further tell you what you need to do to work in the province of Saskatchewan. Licensing will differ according to your educational qualifications. For the health care professionals, Saskatchewan has set up different license for various health related occupation. Overall, by taking licensing for Saskatchewan province, you will be able to carry out your work under some norms and conditions.Read more
  • Processing Time for SINP
    The SINP processing time indicates the time that has taken to process the application after receiving complete application information. The time will be measured in weeks for each category under the SINP. Along with this, the processing time can be altered at any time. As per the current processing time of Saskatchewan, it will around 41 weeks for Express entry category and 27 weeks for Occupation in Demand category under the International Skilled worker. On the other hand, the total 4 weeks will be taken to process your Visa for employment offer SINP category. If the candidates are requested to submit additional documents, it will take some of additional processing time for Saskatchewan.Read more
  • Invitations to Apply for SINP
    According to SINP, the EOI (Expression of Interest) must be drawn from the system and after that those candidates who are selected from EOI draw, they will further receive an Invitation to apply (ITA). The total number of invitations issued in each draw is based upon the annual processing targets and also on demands of employment.
    If you are invited for Saskatchewan province, then you will have 60 days to submit your complete application via online to SINP along with to submit your all documents that will support the information given by you in your EOI profile to SINP. Your invitation will not be preceded further after 60 days. Once your invitation got expired, you have to submit a new profile which makes you eligible for future EOIs draw.
  • SINP Draw List
    For the province of Saskatchewan, the government, often, introduced latest draw under the express entry system and occupation in demand system. The draw will be conducted as per the current requirements of labor and employment market. In order to be eligible to get nominated from Saskatchewan, applicants are required to achieve the score as per conducted by Saskatchewan immigration authority. As of now, a minimum 69 immigration points are needed to get nomination. The SINP draw list will be conducted from time to time to invite skilled and qualified migrants.Read more

Alberta Immigration Nominee Program

Alberta immigration considered as the smooth and effective process to move to one of the magnificent provinces of Canada. The program by which you can come and live in Alberta province of Canada is known as Alberta immigrant Nominee Program (AINP). While you application is postmarked and the AINP go through your application, it is mandatory to have a valid temporary resident status living in Canada to authorizes you for working in Canada (like temporary foreign worker) along with this, you also must have valid work permit for the listed eligible occupations. After you are being nominated from Alberta province, you can gain additional 600 immigration points that will ease you to boost up your overall immigration scores. +

  • Demand List of AINP
    AINP is one of the smooth and efficient programs that will allow the interested applicants to live and work in Alberta on a permanent basis by holding a Canada permanent resident. Before you apply for Alberta province in Canada, you must make sure that your current work profession in demand in Alberta province. There are various kinds of occupations that are mentioned under the Demand list of Alberta. Thus, one has to ensure whether their occupation is under demand of Alberta province or not. After then, you can move to Alberta and enjoy the superb services provided by Alberta government.Read more
  • AINP Point Calculator
    The Alberta immigrant Nominee program (AINP) point calculator marks you according to your available requirements. Applicants who score a minimum 67 immigration points out of 100 are qualified to apply for Alberta PNP.
    The Alberta PNP point calculator scores your immigration points by considering some of key factors like your current age, educational credentials, skilled work experience, language proficiency and adaptability factors to Alberta labor market. This PNP calculator not only checks or evaluates your overall immigration scores but also ensure that whether you are eligible to apply for Alberta PNP or not. One has to make sure their immigration chances using Alberta PNP point calculator.Read more
  • Document Requirement for AINP
    To immigrate to the most thriving Alberta province, there is a requirement to submit all the mandatory documents that required for Canada permanent residency. Documents verification is the vital part of Alberta immigration process.
    The documents like CIC forms, CIC work permit, valid passport along with travelling documents, educational credentials (like diploma, degree and certificates), valid language proficiency test results (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE or any other), civil identity proof etc are required in order to be eligible for Alberta PNP. The aspirants must have to furnish with all required documents that are being needed for further Alberta PNP immigration.Read more
  • Processing Time for AINP
    To process your PR application for the great province of Alberta, it will take some processing time. The processing time for Alberta province is 3-6 months after the date you applied for Canada PR visa. However, the time may be varies depending upon the factors like number of applications received by Alberta government, appropriate and accurate submission of documents on time, labor market demands and rely on other query raised by immigration authority.
    Alberta is open to invite various streams and categories. The applications to AINP are considered as an Expression of Interest (EOI) submitted by the interested candidates. It may take long time if candidates are failed to provide appropriate details timely.Read more
  • AINP Draw
    The most magnificent and thriving, Alberta province of Canada invites the skilled and talented applicants according to latest draw conducted by the government of Alberta. If you obtain a required Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) that revealed by Alberta immigration authority, you will then be able to get a nomination from this province and further get an additional 600 points from Alberta province of Canada. The Alberta province comes out with new and alberta latest draw timely through which the aspirants will be able to serve the province as best as they can.
  • Notification of Interest for AINP
    For migrating to Alberta province of Canada, it is essential to first get an invitation to apply from AINP. For this, your application must be completed. If your application package is full with all your information, you then can receive a notification email within 60 days after the date the AINP gets your application by endure that your application has been got and accepted for consideration. Under this, it is also including your AINP file number.
    The condition when your documents got missing, under this case, your application will be retuned and not accepted which leads to decline of your application.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Manitoba being the most popular and adventurous province of Canada, offering lucrative job opportunities and other benefits to prospective migrants. The free immigration program, Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) is such kind of program that enables the desirable candidates to come and enter into the province permanently. To become a permanent residency of Canada through the MPNP is a second pathway to process. Submission of an Expression of Interest (EOI) is the first step to get nomination for Manitoba province. The candidates are required to being nominated from Manitoba province. The Manitoba nomination will further enables them, making an independent and expedited application to (CIC) Citizenship and Immigration Canada for permanent residence of Canada. +

  • Demand List of MPNP
    To move to Manitoba province of Canada, it is also important to ensure that your current employment must be mentioned under the demand list of Manitoba provincial nominee program (MPNP). The MPNP selects trained and experienced skilled workers to meet the local labor and employment needs. The MPNP frequently updated In-demand occupations list that require for Manitoba province of Canada. Most of the occupations are listed under the demand list of Manitoba and are restricted to particular skilled stream of Manitoba. Desirable applicants have to meet certain eligibility requirements for any one of the specific stream to come and enter into glorious Manitoba province.Read more
  • MPNP Point Calculator
    Manitoba gives an invitation to those interested migrants who have attained some desirable immigration points on the Manitoba point assessment grid. A minimum of 60 points are essential to obtain by aspirants if they want to experience the paths of Manitoba province of Canada.
    The obtained immigration points are calculated by considering five factors, namely, language proficiency, age, skilled work experience, education and adaptability factors. The immigration chances will become more if the aspirants will be able to achieve higher points score. After getting a nomination from Manitoba province, you will obtain additional 600 points. These points will boost up your chances to get Canada permanent residency.Read more
  • Document Requirement for MPNP
    To being able to process your Canada Visa from Manitoba province, you must flourish your all documents that are mentioned for migrating to Manitoba. Documents like government sponsored identity proof, educational and training certifications, an authentic proof of language proficiency test, marriage certificates, work experience proofs are some of the documents that must clarify before you enter into Manitoba province of Canada.
    In addition to this, financial documents also need to be provided which demonstrate that you have sufficient funds to meet the funds requirements of Canada. Therefore, before you enjoy the amenities offered in Manitoba province, you must flourish its documents requirements.Read more
  • Processing Time for MPNP
    As Manitoba is one of superb province of Canada, it will take approximately 3-6 months to process your visa application to immigrate to Manitoba. Although the processing time may be varied from application to application received by MPNP, total number of invitation, submission of accurate and appropriate documents by aspirants and other query asked by immigration department.
    Thus, to process your Canada PR for Manitoba province effectively and timely, one has to clarify with all requirements that are being raised by Manitoba immigration officials. On an average, it may take around 15 months to systematically process your Visa for Manitoba province.Read more
  • MPNP Draw
    The MPNP conducted latest and updated draw under the Expression of Interest System. This EOI draw facilities the skilled and qualified workers to come and work in Manitoba permanently. The MPNP usually come out with EOI draw for the skilled worker overseas, Skilled Workers in Manitoba and International Education stream. The skilled workers overseas do not be considered for the latest MPNP draw unless and until they were directly invited from a Strategic Recruitment Initiative. The Draw is based upon your Comprehensive Ranking score. Those who have scored according to latest draw updated by MPNP, they will be given a letter of advice to apply.Read more
  • Invitations to Apply for MPNP
    The Manitoba provincial Nominee program (MPNP) issues invitation to Apply for the skilled worker category on regularly basis. These invitations are applicable to those well qualified as per strategic Recruitment Initiative. The issuance of an Invitation to Apply is one and only discretion of the MPNP and thus applicants are not permit to self select themselves to Manitoba province.
    In order to apply for Manitoba province, you are required to upload a letter of invitation by online that you have received directly by MPNP after being interviewed by Manitoba program officer in recruitment mission. To apply for this wonderful Canada province, you must have some nominee in the last 1 or 2 year.

Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program

This is known as one of the suitable and convenient immigration pathway to come and settle within the blooming atmosphere of Nova Scotia. The skilled and qualified applicants can enter into Nova Scotia province through Nova Scotia Nominee program (NSNP). Prospective immigrants with having relevant work experience and skills that are required to fulfill Nova Scotia labor market needs, they can go for Nova Scotia Canada PNP. NSNP, often, welcomes various streams for immigration to Canada. Physicians, skilled worker, Occupation in Demand, Entrepreneur are some of streams through which new immigrants can move on to Nova Scotia. +

  • Demand List of NSPNP
    Nova Scotia is one of peculiar that is located in Canada. To enrich the wide opportunity of Nova Scotia, it offers various kinds of occupations that are mentioned under the demand list of NSNP. The NSNP targets intermediate skilled occupations that are in high demand under the labor market of Nova Scotia. A variety of occupations are being listed in the Nova Scotia demand list. Aspirants are required to first check their current profession in this list along with its NOC code. Further, they can apply to get Canada PR through NSNP pathway. Read more
  • NS-PNP Point Calculator
    The Nova Scotia Nominee program allows those skilled applicants who have attain sufficient and necessary immigration points on Nova Scotia point assessment grid. In order to be qualifying for Nova Scotia PNP, interested candidates have to score at least 67 immigration points out of 100. The immigration points will be calculated by considering various factors like your age, educational qualifications, skilled work experience, language ability in English or French and adaptability factors to Nova Scotia labour market needs and employment needs. If you score high immigration points in Nova Scotia point calculator, you will have greater chances to get an invitation from NSNP.Read more
  • Document Requirement for NS PNP
    The relevant and appropriate documents that are needed to flourish are personal documents (like your photograph, marriage certificate, date of birth certificate etc), educational qualifications related documents, skilled employment documents, a financial related document that proofs that are financially good and other supporting documents that are being raised by Nova Scotia government. The document requirements are the mainly criteria to move for Canada Nova Scotia PNP. Failing this, either applications of candidates will be rejected or returned back. Thus, to get a permanent residency visa, one has to make sure to fulfill all the requirements related with requisite documents.Read more
  • Processing Time for NSPNP
    As Nova Scotia is a wonderful province of Canada, it will take some enough time to successfully proceed for your visa application to live and work in Nova Scotia permanently. In a certain time period, you can experience the environment of Nova Scotia.
    A minimum of 3 months is the processing time for Nova Scotia province of Canada. It will go on further for approx. 6 months to effectively process of your permanent residency visa for Canada. The processing time will depend upon the date and time when you submit your application profile, highest immigration score and how well you answered the query that are being asked by immigration department of Nova Scotia.
  • Invitations to Apply for NSPNP
    To get a nomination from Canada Provincial Nominee Program of Nova Scotia, you must get an invitation to apply from Nova Scotia province of Canada. An invitation to apply is issued by Nova Scotia Nominee program under which an interested applicant will be able to apply further for getting Canada PR visa. Receiving an ITA implies that the candidates moves on to second stage of process. To acquire a Canada permanent residency, one has to achieve its invitation to apply from the government of Nova Scotia by following all the requirements that are being set up by Nova Scotia immigration authority.

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

As other provinces, British Columbia is also of the exceptional and admirable province of Canada that offers wide range of lucrative employment opportunities to prospective new comers. To be applying for British Columbia PNP, a candidate occupation must be in demand under the British Columbia Occupation Lists. Construction manager, financial manager, corporate sales manager, mechanical engineers are some of the occupations that are currently in Demand of British Columbia. The list contains many more occupations. You can look for your current occupation and can apply for the same. +

  • Demand List of BC PNP
    The government of British Columbia permits to enter this Canada province to those aspirants whose current occupation is in demand of British Columbia local labor market. Diverse occupations are being listed in this demand list that will further allow skilled and qualified s to come and settle within the province of British Columbia. Skilled workers, Semi skilled workers and international graduates are the various streams introduced by BC PNP. To fall under any of these streams, one must have to make sure of his/her occupation. Read more
  • BC PNP Point Calculator
    For the immigration to unique and innovative province of Canada of British Columbia, desirable applicants must attain their overall score on BCPNP point calculator. From 2016, the government of British Columbia has come out with a new system known as Skilled Immigration Registration System (SIRS). The system makes sure whether you attained requisite immigration point score or not. The two factors like Human capital factor and Economic factor determine your overall immigration scores for immigration to British Columbia.Read more
  • Document Requirement for BC PNP
    To proceed for British Columbia Canada PNP, one has to make sure to flourish his documents that are needed at the time of being nominated from this Canada Province. Some of common documents like recent passport size photograph, identity proof, educational credential assessment, work experience proof and other associated documents have to be provided for getting Canada PR visa. In addition to this, you need to present the proof that you are being invited to apply from British Columbia. Read more
  • Processing Time for BC PNP
    British Columbia require some time to process you visa effectively and successfully. As this the most preferred province of Canada, it will take around 3-6 months to process your visa application for Canada. The processing time will depend upon the date of your application, highest immigration points for British Columbia, relevant documents submission and on other adaptability factors needed by British Columbia labor market and employment needs.Thus, if you wish to complete your PR visa in a limited processing time, you have to accomplish with all the needed requirements provided by British Columbia government on time.
  • Invitations to Apply for BC PNP
    The British Columbia provincial nominee program invites the highest scoring candidates from the express entry pool. The successful applicants will be able to get nomination from BC PNP to apply for Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The total number and frequency of invitation to apply is based upon annual nomination allocation by IRCC and on the ability to process the applications by BC PNP.
    After giving an invitation from BCPNP, aspirants can get additional 600 immigration points from British Columbia Canada PNP.


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