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Canada is a sparsely populated country with majority of its land dominated by forest cover, mountains and lakes. The population is as low as 35.15 million people (82% urbanised rate) and is considered the second largest country by total area and fourth largest by land area.

The United Nations has voted Canada as one of the best place to have a high standard of living. If you are looking for a lively and flourishing country in which you want to live, capitalize, originate, grow or expand your business on the world stage, Think Canada!

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What Is Canada Immigration?

Canada has been most prevalent country in the world for immigration. Every year Canada receptions more than 300,000 immigrants from around the world. Indians also have a preference for Canada for the purpose of study, living and working and taking permanent residency in Canada. Its repute as a diverse and economically progressive country has led to an increase in the number of immigrants who call it home.

Canada also welcomes foreign skilled workers and offers many competitive advantages to them. Let us look at various reasons why one should migrate to Canada:

  • You can easily migrate with your family
  • Free education and medical services are taken care of by the Canadian Government
  • Migration is possible for both skilled workers and investors
  • Budding opportunities in IT sector
  • Within 3 years of getting your PR, you can apply for Canadian Citizenship
  • Dual citizenship allowed
  • Access to US and Mexico markets under NAFTA agreement
  • Corruption free environment
  • Least polluted country in the world
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Canada Immigartion Program

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Canada Permanent Visa

Canada Permanent Resident Visa Process

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Canada PNP Visa

What is Canada Provincial Nominee Program?

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Canada Family Visa

Canadian Immigration family Class Sponsorship

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Canada Without Job Offer

How to Immigrate to Canada Without Job Offer Letter?

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Canada Visa Apply Online

Check Your Eligibility and Apply for Canada Immigration

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What are the Benefits of Canada Immigration?

There so sundry benefits of Canada immigration by which you and your family will be privileged. So have a look on the benefits of Canada Immigration:

  • Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) – For families with children under the age of 18 who are considered to have a low-income, the Canadian government provides monthly tax-free payments to help cover expenses.
  • Old Age Security, Guaranteed Income Supplement, and Canada Pension Plan – All three of these programs are designed to provide financial support to workers after they reach retirement age – currently age is 65.
  • Universal health care – Most necessary medical expenses are covered through the Canadian universal health care program. These expenses include visits to emergency room, immunizations, yearly exams, etc.
  • Free education – All children under 18 are entitled to a free education in the Canadian public school system.
  • Maternity and parental leave – In Canada, working parents are given time off when a new baby is born or adopted. Women can take up to 12 months of maternity leave and receive 50 to 65% of their normal income.

Once you become a citizen, you can run for political office, become involved in political activities, and vote in elections. You can also maintain duel-citizenship, so you don't have to give up citizenship in your home country just to enjoy the benefits of Canadian citizenship. If you are an Indian you can apply for overseas citizen card also.

Requirements/Eligibility for Immigration to Canada

A candidate has to meet with the obligation setup by the Canadian Immigration Department of Canadian Government. Requirements may differ profile to profile. But there are general requirements/eligibilities based on different visa categories for migrating to Canada. So, check out below what are the basic requirements:
So, check out below what are the basic requirements:

Educational & Skills Qualifications: The primarily and basic thing you need to provide to Canadian government and employer is you educational qualification. You need to provide your Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report.

Language Proficiency: Language requirement is the most important part of Canada visa. You need to show your language efficacy through language exams like IELTS, TEF, PTE and some other tests are also valid to show your language proficiency. These tests are based on scoring system and there are mainly 4 sections Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

Health and Character Requirements: You must provide a positive health and character certificate to Canadian government. As there should be no health related and criminal offense related to you and your family. The health and character clearance should be certified by the local doctor and police, respectively.

Apart from the above-mentioned requirements there are other factors required according to your visa type. You also need to provide you age, work experience, educational qualification certificate etc.
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How to apply Canada Immigration Visa

There are some easiest way to get Canadian Immigration Status

There are number of immigration programs for migrating to Canada. If you are a high skilled professional person, virtuous artist and a well business management personality then there is a chance to migrate to Canada faster compare to rest. The other ways are special permanent residence category; this visa is for some ‘self-employed’ people such as artists and farmers. You may also easily migrate to Canada through:

Visitor Visa: Apart from your visit meet with employers and show your skills, ask them to hire you.

Study Visa: If you are on a study visa in Canada then you can get an employment after your study and live in Canada on a PR.

Spousal Sponsorship: If you have a partner in Canada and your relationship is real. Then your partner can sponsor you. This is a faster way to move in Canada.

Work Permit with Job offer: If you are a semi-skilled worker and working in Canada on a work permit and having a job offer letter from Canadian employer then you may easily get a Canadian PR visa from IRCC.

What is Canada Express Entry System?

Express entry is a program designed by the Canadian government to grant permanent residency in the Canadian island. Earlier, the immigration model was ‘First to come, First to get’ basis. With the replacement of this model by ‘Express Entry model’ in January 2015, candidates are screened on the basis of how well they are expected to perform economically in Canada. Factors such as the age of the person concerned, educational background, skill sets and overall work experience are taken into consideration under express entry norms.

The candidate seeking immigration under express entry program should first determine his/her eligibility through technical evaluation and get the required language tests done before proceeding with the process of procurement of PR.

What is Canada Immigration Points Calculator?

The Canada Immigration Points Calculator tallies your profile score based on the entries in your application. These points are calculated by your entered Age, Educational Qualification, Work Experience, Language Proficiency etc. On the points obtained by your application, Canadian government will make a decision whether to immigrate you or not.

For calculating Express Entry points, the points are calculated on framework of Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) to evaluate the candidate’s profile to rank them in the Express Entry pool..

Every Canada programs have its own point’s requirement, so it is advisable that first know about the program through which you are planning to migrate. Contact us today to know more about that program which suits you the best. Calculate your points today.

Minimum Points Required for Canada Immigration

To get a Canada PR visa you will require scoring at least minimum in accordance with your program. Express Entry, Provincial Nomination Programs have their own minimum required points. These points will be based on your credentials like age, work experience, language proficiency, adaptability etc.

Canada Express Entry point calculator has a total score of 1200 points, a candidate has to score minimum required in an express entry draw. The required points vary each time in the draw. But on an average your profile should score approximately 500. You may see ups and down in required points as the Canadian federal government decides the minimum score. On the other hand Provincial Nomination Programs have their own minimum required score. Contact Aptech Global to know, how many points your profile have?
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Canada Immigration Processing Time

After the submission of your profile for any Canadian Immigration program then you have to wait for few months depending on your case. Canada receives thousands of application every year for immigration; it depends on Canada government’s law and regulation as well as in which category you are applying for.

Your profile may be rejected at any level due to insufficient information or any other reason. For every program, Canadian government has a different method of immigration. Once you submit your profile to the desired program, then it may take from few months to a year(s). Below are the expected processing times for Canada Immigration.

  • Canada Express Entry – 6 Months
  • Canada PNP Programs – 4 to 12 Months
  • Quebec Program- 24-36 Months

Note: The above mentioned processing time is not fix. Processing time may vary profile to profile. Also, rules and regulations of Canada immigration may change at any time without any prior notice. So, it will be good to be in touch with your consultant regularly.

Canada Immigration Policy and Rules

Canadian federal and provincial government has setup very stern rules and policy for every Canada Visa. In order to get a visa, your application must comply with these rules and policies. The applicant is required to make the application using the prescribed immigration application forms. The Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Canada also maintains statistics of the number of immigrants entering Canada, number of applications approved, the kind of people entering Canada and such other data. Canadian rules and regulations of Canada immigration may change at any time without any prior notice. And this may lead to the rejection of your application. Try to get updated with all latest immigration rules and policy. Get in touch with our immigration expert.
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Canada Immigration Cost

For every process there is a fee chargeable which you have to pay. Also, for every Canada Immigration program there is a fix sum to be charged by the IRCC. Therefore, depending on your program category you will be charged as follows:-

Skilled worker category: It’s $550 for the principal applicant, $550 for the spouse, and $150 per children under 22 years old.

Sponsorship category: The sponsor application is $75, the person sponsored is charged $475.

Quebec PNP Program: It charges $390 for principal applicant, $150 for spouse and $150 for each child.

After landing in Canada, you will require to pay the right to permanent resident fee, which is $490 for each person.

Note: All fee charges are in Canadian dollars or CAD$.
If you want to know more about the fee charges, contact our experienced consultant. Estimated Cost on My Case

If you are looking for Canadian Immigration Consultant, Get Aptech Visa Immigration helps to start your process easily

Since 7 years, we are serving our clients with utmost dedication and loyalty. Our work is completely transparent and we indulge in no unethical ways of procuring PR. With the steadfast team of professionals in our organisation, we have even successfully delivered results to candidates who’d come to us after facing rejections by CIC. Our success rate is 100% and we promise you speedy results.

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How To Apply For Canadian Immigration Program

Once you have selected a desired and appropriate Canadian immigration program, and if you are a potential and eligible candidate then your application will be submitted to CIC. Your profile will go through different level one by one (if not get rejection). After a complete positive process your profile will be selected to invite you for Canada Immigration. You will require following documents to apply:

  • Identity Proof
  • Educational Qualification Documents
  • Work Experience
  • Valid Passport
  • Your recent photographs
  • Job offer letter from Canadian Employer (if any) & other required documents.

You will need an experienced consultant for applying stress-free for a Canadian immigration program. Some steps are very complicated you may become confused which may lead your application rejection. Aptech Global provide 100% transparent and accurate services to its all clients.
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