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Canada PR Visa Documents Checklist 2020

Canada PR documents procurement is the last yet one of the most significant step in the whole immigration procedure. As you know that Canada Immigration is not an easy beast to tame, so you need to adhere to the Canada Visa Document Checklist, if you want to get a Canada PR in your hands without any hitch. It is because of the fact that all your documents need to be true, because even a small fallacy can result in the rejection of your visa application, and can shatter all your dreams.

After all, Canada Permanent Residency is that golden status that can help you pull your dreams in the daylight. After becoming a permanent resident of Canada, you can take advantage of all the benefits that any Canadian is entitled to. So, it’s indispensable for you as an aspiring candidate to submit the right documents, that too on time, for making the whole Canada immigration process as flat as a pancake.

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As the leading immigration experts in India, we’ve crafted many success stories for a huge clientele. For more than 10 years, we’ve been providing the candidates with the Canada PR Status, and realized their dreams, to fly high in the blissful blue sky. So, if you’re interested in taking a ballsy move of immigrating to Canada in 2020, then commence making a lot of essential documents required and ensemble together in one folder, to shun the future mess.

The Following is the Canada Visa Documents Checklist for Canada PR in 2020

  • Evidence of Educational Qualification such as the valid degrees, certificates or diploma and in many cases, if the candidate has done his studies outside Canada, then ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) report is required.
  • A Valid Passport or Travel Document
  • A Proof of the Accumulated Funds in the form of liquid assets or other statements of bank.
  • A valid Job Offer from a Canadian Employer (as per the requirement of the immigration program)
  • A valid proof of Total Work Experience or any sort of Job Training that you’re in to.
  • The Test Results of the Language Proficiency Tests (IELTS for English and TEF for French)
  • PCC (Police Clearance Certificate), from your home country where you’ve been living since ages.
  • A Proof of Marriage (if applicable)
  • Provincial Nominee Certificate (if applicable)
  • Medical Clearance Certificate stating that you’re in good health
  • Express Entry profile number, issued at the time of Express Entry Profile Submission for Canada PR in 2020
  • Character Certificate
  • Adoption Certificate (if applicable)
  • Birth Certificate as a Proof of Civil Status
  • Job Seeker Validation code, issued at the time of Express Entry Profile Submission
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List Of The Most Imperative Documents For Canada PR By CIC In 2020

  • Documents Stating Your Identity :-
    As a valid identity proof, a candidate needs to submit 3-4 valid passport size photographs or valid international identification.
  • Language Proficiency Test :-
    If you’re not fluent in either English or French, you cannot stay or work, as English and French are the two official languages in Canada. So, it’s essential for you to have a good command over either of them, so that you can easily score a minimum CLB, that’s important to get a Canada PR in your palms.
  • Validated Medical Examination Test :-
    Canada always welcome healthy and skilled professionals, who can contribute to their pulsating economy. So, it's mandatory that you’ve a clean bill of good health.
  • Proof of Relevant Work Experience :-
    You all might be aware that Canada deals in labour-intensive jobs like farming, mining etc, so the maple country needs immigrants who can meet the gap that exists in the labour market. If you want to apply for the Canada PR in 2020, you must have at least full year of paid work experience.
    It means that you’ve worked at least 30 hours per week and at least 1560 hours per year. Some of the documents that validates your work experience are: Employment offer letter, arrangement and advancement letter, payslip and last but not least a reference letter.
  • Education Proof :-
    If you've planned to immigrate to Canada, you need to submit an ECA report from an authority that can assess that your education meets the Canadian education standards or not. Higher educational qualification can make the whole immigration process an easy nut to crack.
  • Provincial Nomination Authentication (if any) :-
    If you've applied for Canada PR under the Provincial Nominee Program, you need to submit the provincial nomination certificate, that can help you get additional 600 points on the CRS Calculator.
  • A Valid Proof of Funds :-
    The Canadian Government accepts only dissolvable funds and liquid assets, as a proof that you can support your living. You need to show an amount of 7,00,000 in INR. You just need to submit a financial letter approved from any bank, or any other financial institution, where that amount is kept.
  • Job Offer from a Canadian Employer (if applicable) :-
    There are many programs introduced by the Canadian Government for the immigrants who want to make their career in Canada and live there permanently. There are many programs, that require a valid job offer from a Canadian employer, whereas some of them don't.
  • Certificate of Marriage (if applicable) :-

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