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Study In Canada For International Students

 Canada study visa/ permit is an authorization issued by Citizenship Immigration Canada to foreign nationals; Canada student visa allows foreign nationals to study in Canada at designated learning institutions (DLI). Canada study visa/ permit is usually valid for the length of your study course you want to pursue and additional extra 90 days. These 90 days duration let you prepare to leave Canada or apply to extend your stay. 

If you are a citizen of India, China, Philippines, Morocco, Pakistan, Senegal or Vietnam, then you are eligible to apply for your Canada student visa through direct student stream (SDS)

Please note Canada study permit is not a visa, and it will not allow you to travel to or from Canada, so you need to apply for a visitor visa if you have the plan to leave or return to Canada during your study duration

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Canada student visa benefits:

You can avail numerous benefits on Canada study visa.

  • Work while studying:
  • Canadian student visa allows you and your spouse while you are studying in Canada. You can work many ways such as:

    1. On-campus work
    2. Off-campus
    3. Work Co-op placements
    4. Internships

Please Find Current minimum wages per hour in Canadian provinces wise.

Nunavut CAD $ 16.00 per hour
Alberta CAD $ 15.00 per hour
British Columbia CAD $ 14.60 per hour
Ontario CAD $ 14.25 per hour
Yukon CAD $ 13.85 per hour
Northwest territory CAD $ 13.46 per hour
Quebec CAD $ 13.10 per hour
Prince Edward Island CAD $13.00 per hour
Nova Scotia CAD $ 12.95 per hour
New Found land Labrador CAD $ 12.50 per hour
Manitoba CAD $ 11.90 per hour
New Brunswick CAD$ 11.75 per hour
Saskatchewan CAD $ 11.45 per hour
  • Post-graduation work permit (PGWP):
  • Once your study finishes, you will be eligible to apply for a Canada post-graduation study permit; please note post-graduation work permit validity depends upon study program duration.

  • Apply Canada PR:
  • If you pursue your master’s degree from a specific institute in Canada, you will be eligible to apply for a Canada PR visa without any work experience.

Canada student visa requirements

To apply for a Canada student visa, you need to meet the following requirements,

  1. Acceptance letter:
  2. Proof of Tuition fee
  3. Guaranteed Investment Certificate
  4. medical exam
  5. police certificate
  6. English language test

  • Acceptance letter:
  • To apply for a Canadian student visa, you must receive a Letter of Acceptance from recognised or Designated learning institute of Canada.

    A letter of acceptance is also known as an offer letter or offer of admission. An acceptance letter must be briefing about unconditional admission, the course title, duration of the study level, etc.

  • Proof of Tuition fee:
  • Before applying for a Canadian student visa, you must pay your institute's first-year tuition fee. You must attach the below evidence to prove your first-year tuition fee payment

    1. Payment receipt from the DLI institute
    2. receipt from a bank

  • Guaranteed Investment Certificate:
  • If you are applying for your Canada student visa under the student direct stream, it is mandatory to obtain a Guaranteed Investment Certificate of CAD 10,000 to cover living expenses for your first year from designated financial institutions such as ICICI Bank, HSBC Bank of Canada, Simplii Financial Scotia bank etc.

    What is a Guaranteed Investment Certificate? It is a kind of Canadian investment that provides a guaranteed rate for a specific time.

  • Medical exam:
  • Another essential requirement to apply for Canadian student visa is a medical examination. If your course duration is six months or more, it is mandatory to pass the immigration medical exam with the panel physician Canada.

    There are the following possible grounds for your medical inadmissibility:

    1. Danger to public health
    2. Danger to public safety
    3. Excessive demand on health or social services

    If you fail to meet the above mentioned criteria, then you will not be allowed to enter Canada as a student. Please Find a Canadian panel doctor to conduct your immigration medical exam, and your doctor examination certificate is not admissible in Canada.

  • Police certificate:
  • To apply for a Canadian student visa, you and your family members (if accompanying) age 18 years or older need to provide a police clearance certificate from your home country and the country where you stayed six months or more in the row.

  • English language test:
  • Before applying for your Canada student visa application, you must write an English language exam, IELTS- academic training, and score a minimum of 6 bands in each skills ability (reading, writing, speaking & listening)

Canada student visa processing time

Canada student visa processing time depends upon the place you have applied for, the current processing time of a Canada student visa is 12 weeks from the date of application received.

Please note Canada student visa processing time is also based on the following factors

  1. Have you submitted the complete application?
  2. How quickly you respond to the queries received from the visa officer?
  3. Number of applications in the queue?
  4. How easily your credentials can be verified?
  5. How long you take to respond to supply requested documents?

Canada student visa current processing time is 12 weeks.

Canada student visa fees

To apply for a Canada student visa, you need to pay the below fee

Canada student visa fee table

Application Per person Canada student visa Fee in CAD $ Canada student visa Fee in INR
Canada Study Visa $ 150 Rs. 8,947
Biometric Fee Per Person $ 85 Rs. 5070
Biometric (Per Family) (2 Or More People) $ 170 Rs. 10140
Medical Examination Fee $ 75 Rs. 4500
English Language Exam Fee $ 250 Rs. 15000
Police Clearance Fee $15 Rs. 1000

Canada student visa process

To apply for a Canadian student visa application, you need to follow the below steps very carefully.

  • Step 1 obtain a letter of acceptance from the Designated learning Institute:
  • Before applying for the Canadian student visa process, the essential points: first, you need to select the course you want to pursue in Canada, Institute where you want to study, and further admission requirements to enrol in the Institute for the course chosen.

    Admission requirements vary from Institute to institute; however, please find the standard requirements

    1. English language Requirements:
    2. Academic Requirements:
    3. Non-academic Requirements:

    So, if you are sure that you meet the admission requirements of the Institute, then fill the application form and pay a one-year tuition fee, get an acceptance letter from the Institute.

  • Step 2 Gather documents & Prepare application forms:
  • As we all know, documents play a significant role in Canadian student visa application; document requirements may vary from applicant personal circumstances, course. Please prepare all records in the relevant format,

    Incomplete documents, incorrect application forms are not acceptable. It will delay your Canada student visa application and increase the chances of refusal/rejection.

    To know more documents requirements, please visit the Canada student visa documents checklist.

  • Step 3 Apply Canada student visa:
  • Once you prepare all required documents such as IELTS, acceptance letter, cover letter etc., you can apply for a Canada student visa online or offline and pay the correct visa fee and wait for the decision.

  • Step 4 Canada student visa outcome:
  • Post submission, your Canada student visa application will be assessed by CIC in two aspects

    1. Is your visa application complete?
    2. Are you genuine student or not?

    You may be required to attend an interview. The visa officer has the right to decide the interview mode, either telephonic or face to face in both cases; CIC will inform the applicant before scheduling the interview.

    If you meet the requirements, your application will be assessed positive, and you will grant your Canada student visa, now you can fly to Canada to pursue your Dreams.

    If your application is found not meeting the law or is not a genuine student, you will be assessed negatively, and CIC will notify you in writing. Please note your Canada student visa application fee will not be refundable.

Canada student visa documents

Please find the Canada student visa checklist below, but make sure Canada student visa documents as per the required format

  1. All documents must be in either English or French, if any document not in English or French must be accompanied by a certified translation.
  2. All documents must be colour & legible
  3. All documents must be in the PDF format except photographs
  4. A copy of your birth certificate

Canada student visa documents checklist

  • Personal documents:
  • You & your accompanying family members need to provide the following documents

    1. Original Valid Passport;
    2. and a copy of the bio pages, also include a copy of all cancelled previous passport, and the pages showing travel history, also make sure your passport must be valid more than 90 days of your intended course duration.

    3. Colour Photographs:
    4. You must supply two colour passport size 35x45 mm photographs, and your name & date must be printed on the back and taken in the past six months.

    5. Date of Birth certificate
    6. Marriage certificate (if applicable)
    7. Name change certificate (if applicable)
    8. Divorce certificate (if applicable)

  • Divorce certificate (if applicable)
  • You must have an acceptance letter from your education institute and a letter of acceptance must be stating

    1. unconditional admission;
    2. course title;
    3. duration of study;
    4. level of study;
    5. course start date
    6. admission date

  • Qualification documents:
  • You must supply your previous qualification statements of marks and degree/ diploma certificates

  • Employment documents:
  • If you have prior work experience, you must furnish your proof of employment documents such as a Reference letter, payslips (last three months), promotion letters, leave authorization, company ID card etc.

    Please note your reference letter must not be 60 days older than the date of submission.

  • Proof of Funds:
  • Proof of funds is an essential part of the Canada student visa documents checklist. You need to show below evidence in proof of funds

    1. Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC): You must show evidence that you purchased GIC from designated financial institutes of the amount CAD 10,000 to cover living expenses for your first year.
    2. Tuition fee: You just need to provide an invoice from the DLI institute and a receipt from a financial institute showing that tuition fees have been paid to the college/institute.
    3. Education Loan: If you have received a loan from the financial institute, you must provide the bank statement showing the transfer of the amount. Please note you must obtain a loan from a bank governed by the Reserve Bank of India.

  • Scholarships or any financial assistance or award:
  • If you have received a scholarship from any institute, then you must show an official letter stating the amount, duration and terms & conditions

  • Income Tax Returns
  • for you and your parents for the past two years.

  • Study Permit Questionnaire:
  • you also need to provide a study permit Questionnaire as per format.

  • Please note, few document requirements depend upon student personal circumstances that our Canadian student visa expert can guide.

  • English language Requirements:
  • The English language requirement depends upon the course and the institute. It would be best to write the English language and score six bands in each module of academic training.

  • Academic Requirements:
  • Academic requirements are all about the subjects, the percentage required to get admission in your intended course/institute.

  • Non-academic Requirements:
  • Some courses had Non-academic requirement that includes ECA, questionnaires, essays, portfolios, auditions or testing. It depends upon the course.

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