List of Documents Required for Canada PR from India

Do you want to work & settle in Canada? Apply for a Canada PR visa now. Canada PR visa is a document issued by Citizenship Immigration Canada. Canada PR visa gives you the right to stay in Canada and infinite time and travel facility till five years. You can avail numerous benefits on a Canada PR visa.

Canada PR benefits:

  • Work, Study & Live anywhere in Canada.
  • Multiple Entry & Family visa.
  • You can sponsor your loved ones.
  • Avail free health & Medicare care, social security.
  • You can apply for Canadian Citizenship
  • Other Canadian benefits such as Child care, Child education, pension scheme, financial assistance etc.
canada pr

Canada PR program

To apply for Canada PR visa, you can select various streams/ programs, each & every program has its own requirements or criteria to apply Canada PR visa, so choose your Canada PR program wisely.

Canada federal skilled worker / Economic Immigration Program

Canada PR Eligibility / Canada PR Requirements

When are you planning to immigrate to Canada, you need to meet the following Canada PR requirements

  • Canada PR program:
    It is essential to know how to apply for Canada PR visa that is which Canada PR program better suits your circumstances.
    There are various programs to apply for a Canadian PR visa. Such as
    Canada Express Entry:
    Canada PNP Program
    Canada Family sponsor Program
    Regional pilot program
    Investor or Business Immigration program etc.
  • Choose the right immigration program to apply for a Canada PR visa and evaluate whether you satisfy all the requirements of the chosen program.

  • Occupation:
    Before applying for Canada PR visa, you must know that your occupation/ profile must be in demand in Canada. This demand list is known as the Canada occupation list or Canada NOC list. Canada occupation list keeps on changing. Make sure of filing for PR visa you must list your occupation in the Canada occupation list.
    If you are not sure, your profile/skills are in demand in the Canada occupation list; click here to view the Canada occupation list.

  • Skilled Work Experience:
    You must make sure that you have at least one year, full time, continuous, paid work experience in one of these National Occupational Classification (NOC) job groups:
    Managerial jobs (skill type 0)
    Professional jobs (skill level A)
    Technical jobs and skilled trades (skill level B)

  • English language:
    To apply for Canada PR visa, you must have a competent level of English language. Canada accepts the following English language exams
    English language competent level means you must have six bands in each module to apply for a Canada PR visa under the Federal or Express Entry stream.
    If you don’t have (IELTS) 6 bands in each module, then no need to worry; you can still apply for a Canada PR visa through PNP programs.

  • Points:
    As we all know, Canada PR is a point based system. To apply for a Canada PR visa, you need to score minimum 67/ 100 points. These points are based on your Age, Qualification, Work Experience, Language Proficiency, Adaptability and Arranged Employment.
    To know more about your Canada PR points, please use the Canada PR points calculator.

  • Settlement Funds:
    Before applying for your Canada PR visa application, you need to make sure that you have enough money to support yourself and your family members after arriving in Canada. Funds requirement depends upon the number of members in a family.
    How much funds required, and what documents you need to provide to prove your financial capacity? Please check the Canada PR documents checklist,
  • Admissibility:
    Another critical factor to apply for a Canada PR visa; you must be admissible to Canada. There are specific reasons CIC may not allow you to enter Canada, such as:
    Security reasons, including- Espionage: Subversion, violence or terrorism
    Human or international rights violations: War crimes, crimes against humanity, an official in a government engaged in gross human rights violations.
    Medical reasons – which include medical conditions that: Endanger public health, public safety or causes excessive demand on health or social services.
    Other Reasons: Such as misrepresentation, having an inadmissible family member.

If you are meeting all of the above requirements then you can apply for Canada PR visa application.

Canada PR process

To apply for a Canada PR visa application, you need to follow the below steps

  • Step 1 Canada PR requirements:
    The first and foremost step is to check your eligibility. Are you meeting Canada PR requirements? In terms of Age, Qualification, Points, English language, Funds, admissibility in Canada etc.
    If you are satisfying Canada PR requirements, you will be eligible to apply for Canada PR visa.
    If you are not sure that you are meeting Canada PR requirements, then we strongly recommend, please take professional consultation to increase your chances of a Canada PR visa.

  • Step 2 Gather Canada PR documents:
    Once you are sure about Canada PR eligibility requirements, the next important step is to ensure you have proper paperwork because your documents play a vital role in the Canada PR decision-making;
    Canada PR documents requirement varies from case to case and depends upon the applicant’s personal circumstances.
    To know Canada PR documents in detail, please check our Canada PR documents checklist here.
    Please note:- It is a severe offence to give false or misleading documents or information to the Canadian immigration officer or department.

  • Step 3 Education Credential Assessment:
    Before applying for a Canada PR visa, you must complete Education credential assessment (ECA). ECA is the process where designated authorities check the equivalency of your overseas qualification and authenticity of the documents.
    Please find the name of designated organizations and choose your designated organization based on your occupation profile.
    WES Canada
    ICES Canada
    IQAS Canada
    MCC Canada

  • Step 4 Apply for Express entry:
    Post-completion of ECA, the next step is to apply for express entry. Here you need to provide your details such as qualification, employments, NOC code, settlement funds, english language exam score, blood relative detail etc. Based on the given information, Citizenship Immigration Canada ranks your profile in the Express Entry pool; highest-ranking candidates will be invited to apply for a Canada PR visa.

  • Step 5 Apply for Canada PR visa:
    Once you receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA), you have 90 days to apply for a Canada PR visa, with all supportive documents and the correct application fee. You can pay Canada PR visa fee by credit card.
    To know more about the Canada PR fee, please check the Canada PR fee section Click here.
    Providing irrelevant documents or documents in inappropriate format or submitting a large number of copies delays your application or leads to your application's refusal.

  • Step 6 Canada PR Visa outcome:
    Post submission of your Canada PR application, the CIC office will assess your application according to the current Canada PR criteria.
    The CIC office will complete the application assessment/review on the following factors.
    Have you submitted all the required documents and fee correctly?
    How long does it take CIC to check your required eligibility?
    Verification of your credentials.
    This process may take up to 12- 20 weeks and the situation may vary from case to case, so be patient and wait for a decision on your Canada PR application.
    If you meet all the criteria, you will be assessed positively. Then you move a step forward in your immigration process that is you can submit your application for Canada PR.
    If your application lacks any documents, it will be refused, and the CIC office will notify you in writing.

  • Reason behind the refusal of your Canada PR visa

    1. Submission of incomplete documents
    2. Documents are not inappropriate formats
    3. Misrepresentation
    4. Non-eligible
    5. To submit ADR within the deadline

    Aptech Visa has empowered thousands of immigrants to successfully prepare their immigration applications to apply for Canada PR visa and get approved.
    Our goal at Aptech Visa is to make the process easier, more accurate and less stressful to complete the IRCC application forms.

    Please visit Aptech visa success stories to know more about our achievement.

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Canada PR point’s calculator

As we all know, Canada PR visa is a points-based system; Individual who wants to apply for a Canada PR visa, please ensure whether you are meeting all the eligibility requirements or not.

To apply for a Canada PR visa, you need to have minimum 67/100 points as per the Canada PR points system. These Canada PR points are based on your

  • Age
  • Qualification
  • Work Experience
  • Language Proficiency ( English & French)
  • Adaptability
  • Arranges Employment

How many Canada PR points you are scoring? Calculate your points through Canada PR points calculator

Canada PR fee

Canada PR visa fee depends upon the number of applicants in your application. And most important, the program through which you are applying for your Canada PR visa. You can pay your Canada PR fee by credit card.

Please find Canada PR fee for Economic Program

  • Electronic Education credential Assessment
    Primary Applicant CAD 227
    Spouse ECA CAD 227

  • Express Entry fee
    Creating an Express Entry Account or applying for Express Entry does not pertain any charges.

  • Canada PNP fee
    Every PNP of Canada has its own fee that falls between CAD 350 – CAD 1500. Depending upon the province you are applying for.

  • Canada PR application Fee
    Primary Applicant CAD 825
    Spouse applicant CAD 825
    Child per applicant CAD 225

  • Canada PR Passport stamping fee
    Primary Applicant CAD 500
    Spouse applicant CAD 500
    Child per applicant No fee

  • Canada PR biometric fee
    Per person CAD 85
    Biometrics – per family (2 or more people) CAD 170

  • Other expenditures involved in Canada PR
    Health Examination per person Rs. 5000
    Police clearance certificate Rs. 1000
    IELTS per attempt Rs. 15000

  • How to pay your Canada PR fees
    You can pay your Canada PR fee by your credit card, and if you’re already in Canada, you can pay your Canada PR fee online through ( net banking) debit card & credit card
    Please note the Canada PR application fee is not refundable if your application is refused/ rejected.

You can Call on: +91 750-383-2132 / 928-928-9006 / 928-928-9007 or write at

Canada PR processing Time

The CIC office Canada will consider your Canada PR processing time from the date your application is received.

It is hard to predict exactly how soon your Canada PR application will be approved because Canada PR processing time depends upon the following parameters.

  • Have you submitted a complete application for Canada PR?
  • Have you paid the correct Canada PR fee, as per the Canada PR stream?
  • How long it takes to verify your credentials?
  • How quickly CIC receives the response from the applicant on the ADR?
  • Number of current applications waiting to be processed?
  • Type of application you have applied for your Canada PR visa.

Please find Canada PR Processing Time as per Canada PR streams / programs

  • Canada PR processing time for Federal Skilled workers, Express Entry, PNP
    Express entry 6 to 8 months
    PNP Online 9 to 11 months
    PNP offline 15 to 19 months

  • Canada PR processing time through Family Sponsor
    Spouse Sponsor 12 to 14 months
    Parent Sponsor 20 to 24 months
    Child Sponsor 10 to 18 months

  • Canada short term visas processing time
    Tourist / Visitor visas 15 Days
    Student visa 12 weeks
    Super visa 30 days
    Work permit 9 weeks

You can calculate your Canada PR current processing time through the Canada PR processing time calculator.

Canada PR Documents Check List

Canada PR visa documents requirement vary according to the personal circumstances of the applicant and their dependents. Documents requirements for a Canada PR visa cannot be the same for all, but certain documents are standard and mandatory.

If you want to know the Canada PR visa documents checklist as per your case/situation, please contact our case manager to get a personalized Canada PR visa document checklist.

Please find Canada PR visa documents checklist below.

  • Personal Documents:
    Personal documents include:
    Identity proof
    DOB certificate
    Marriage certificate
    Divorce certificate ( if applicable)
    Travel document.

  • Qualification Documents:
    You must submit your educational documents and certificates to prove and validate your claims. You can supply the following documents
    Degree certificates
    Marks sheet
    Diploma certificate/
    12th Certificate
    10th Certificate

  • Employment documents:
    To prove each work experience claim, you need to provide work-related documents such as
    Job Offer Letter
    Appointment letter
    Promotion letter
    Pay slip
    Reference letter
    Promotion letter etc.

  • Proof of funds:
    Proof of funds is one of the most crucial documents to apply for Canada PR visa. You must need to provide a bank statement showing you have enough funds to support yourself and your family members living cost while you are in Canada.

  • Please find below how much funds you need to show.
    Number of family members Funds in Canadian dollar
    1 $13,213
    2 $16,449
    3 $20,222
    4 $24,553
    5 $27,847
    6 $31,407
    7 $34,967
    For each additional family member $3,560

  • English Language exam certificates:
    To prove your English language skills, you can write any of the following English Language tests.
    IELTS – General
  • Please note IELTS test score card is valid for two years only, and make sure it is valid throughout the Canada PR visa process.

  • Character Certificate:
    To apply for Canada PR visa, you and your family members aged 18 years or above must be of good character. To prove good character, you need to supply a valid police certificate (or similar) as evidence of good character,
    You need to provide a police clearance certificate where you or any of your family members (age 18 years or older) have spent six months or more in a row within the last ten years.

  • Health information:
    You and your family members also need to undergo a health examination with the panel physician to assess your health status and ensure that your health status is not a threat/danger to Canada's public health and safety. Please note your health exam results are valid for 12 months only.
    Following Disease may cause rejection of your Canada PR visa.

  • Other documents:
    Certain Documents are case-specific or vary according to personal circumstances that cannot be predefined for a better and safe petition; kindly contact our Canada PR visa experts.

You can Call on: +91 750-383-2132 / 928-928-9006 / 928-928-9007 or write at

Canada PR Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find an answer to your question below, feel free to get in touch with one of our agents, they will be more than happy to share their wisdom.

You can get Canada PR by following step – by – step procedure of the Canada PR process. The Canada PR process involves many steps. Some crucial steps are given below:
  • Get your Education credentials assessed;
  • Get sufficient IELTS score (minimum 6 bands);
  • Make an Express Entry profile;
  • Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI);
  • Wait for an Invitation to Apply (ITA) from the IRCC;
  • Apply for the Canada PR visa to the IRCC within 90 days after the invitation;
  • Submit biometrics and passport for visa stamp if the outcome is positive; and
  • Move to Canada permanently
No, the Canada PR process is elaborate but not so difficult. The process has to be followed step by step to successfully obtain the Canada PR visa.
An applicant requires minimum of 67 out of 100 in order to apply for the Canada PR visa.
The processing time for the Canada PR visa depends upon the type of visa application you applied for the Canada PR. Some of the applications’ processing time is given below:
  • Canada PR via Express Entry program-6-8 months;
  • Canada PR via PNP requests in Express Entry- 6 months;
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program-12-16 months; and
  • Canada PR via base PNP stream outside Express Entry system- 15-19 months
The fee for the Canada PR includes various fees paid by the applicant to cover the requirements for the Canada PR. Some of the basic fees included in the overall cost of the Canada PR are given below:
  • ECA fee for the primary applicant- CAD 205;
  • ECA fee for spouse- CAD 205;
  • Express entry fee- No fee as of now;
  • Canada PNP fee- Ranges from CAD 350- CAD 1,500;
  • Canada PR application fee- CAD 825 each for primary applicant, spouse and the child;
  • Passport stamping fee- CAD 500 each for the primary applicant and the spouse. No fee for the child.
  • Biometric fee- CAD 85 per person and CAD 170 per family of two or more;
  • Health Examination – INR 5,000 per person;
  • Police Clearance certificate- INR 1,000 per person; and
  • IELTS fee- INR 15,000 per attempt
The Canada PR points are calculated based on certain factors such as age, work experience, language proficiency (English and French), educational experience, adaptability and arranged employment.
Any score above the minimum score of 67 can get you Canada PR as long as you comply with other requirements also.
Yes, 75 is a good score to apply for the Canada PR but there are other requirements to fulfill in order to acquire the Canada PR finally. This score does not assure alone the availability of the Canada PR.
Although all the PNP are easy to get a Canada PR too, Ontario and Saskatchewan are the easiest provinces to get the Canada PR of because of their flexible and soft requirements for Canada PR.

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