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Ravi Shekhar's Story

I am Ravi Shekhar, I was living in Faridabad Delhi India and now I am in Canada (Saskatchewan), I worked as Assistant Finance Manager in banking sector in India. My journey of moving to Saskatchewan was quite tough, time taking and memorable. I would really appreciate those all Aptech Visa staff who helped me out in achieving my goal.

I would like to show my gratitude towards Aptech Global Immigration Services Pvt. Ltd. We were three friends including me who enrolled with Aptech Global and today we all are in Canada, my other friends are in Ontario (Toronto) and I am in Saskatchewan. Well, behind this also, there is a big story and here I would like to share its small part.

I could not score well in IELTS and not even able to file the Express Entry/approach different PNP programs. I achieved overall 6 bands in IELTS ( but not in each) and due to very hectic work schedule; I was not able to re-write. However, I was also not confident enough that I will get desired scores. As my application was already going on with Aptech Global and I explained them my situation, they confirmed me that I was eligible for Saskatchewan (OID) stream which was paper base application in final stage.

They told me that it is time taking procedure, I agreed with them and successfully they submitted my application mid night 12:55 AM 24th Oct. 18, I remember the day where I got call from aptech office in mid night ,and it was told me by Mr. Yogesh that my SINP application submitted successfully and even received submission confirmation email.

After that I received ADR with in 1 month and after ADR submission with in 20 days I got nomination approval from SINP. It is possible of their hard work & superb follow up with SINP, I must say, they are really genuine consultant, my journey to get PR visa was quite time taking as I said before, sometimes it was like I will not be able to immigrate to Canada but no, when Aptech is here then worry should not be there.

I am in Canada since 7-8 months and settling down here. I use to visit other places to meet my friends as well. Canada is very beautiful country,

Another benefit resulting from the move to Saskatchewan was the opportunity to give his family a better quality of life. My wife found a part-time teaching position that allows her the flexibility to earn money and spend time with the children. From their perspective, the province’s education system is excellent. The public health care system is another advantage, compared to India where they had to pay for health care.

Apart from it one more thing I would like to add that I am very proud on my decision that I opted Aptech Global immigration as a my PR visa process partner That’s why I am in Canada today. If I found any way to help Aptech visa, it would be a great honor to me. Your professionalism is commendable.

When I moved there, it took around 2 month to me to search for relevant job and I got the same as well and their pay scale is also commendable as compare to India. I am working in the same position where previously I was but after that as well I am earning more than that. Me, my wife, son are very happy and comfortable. Thank you Aptech!!!